Dongguan took a series of measures to stabilize foreign trade and finance, with total imports and exports rising by 4.9% in June
2020-07-29 337

"Thinking that there was no mortgage, we approved our loan with our fingers only by a few export foreign exchange collection data." Cai Peiyan, the chairman of Dongguan Yicun Import and Export Co., Ltd., said excitedly. Cai Peiyan ran an import and export enterprise of goods in Dongguan. Due to the accounting period problems of upstream and downstream enterprises, his capital was in a hurry. Therefore, Cai Peiyan applied for an innovative product named "trade and finance" in Dongguan branch of China Construction Bank, and the bank granted 1.8 million yuan of "export loan" in a few minutes after the application ".
The financial support obtained by Dongguan Yicun Import and Export Co., Ltd. is a epitome of Dongguan's stable foreign trade, and also a manifestation of doing well the work of "six stability" and implementing the task of "six guarantees.
Dongguan is one of the cities with the highest degree of economic extroversion in China. Facing challenges, all departments in Dongguan work together to stabilize foreign trade, among which in the financial field, the municipal financial dispatching group is jointly composed of Dongguan financial Work Bureau, Dongguan central sub-branch of People's Bank of China and Dongguan Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau, implement the requirements of "six stability" and "six guarantees", and form a "combination boxing" in the aspects of making good use of monetary policy tools directly to the real economy, supervising and carrying out bank-enterprise docking, linking local financial policies, etc ", help foreign trade enterprises accurately. Only in the financial field, in the first half of this year, the loan balance of each bank supporting foreign trade enterprises in Dongguan was 143.478 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 63.1%.
A series of measures have injected confidence into Dongguan Foreign trade enterprises and empowered the stability of enterprises and foreign trade. According to Dongguan data, in June, the total import and export volume of Dongguan increased by 4.9%, which was the first time that Dongguan became a regular employee since the epidemic situation. Among them, import increased by 3.5% and export increased by 5.8%.


Make good use of monetary policy tools

issued a small re-loan of nearly 9 billion yuan to help enterprises overcome difficulties

in the production workshop of Guangdong Weicai Technology Co., Ltd. in Chashan town, robots are producing at full power, and batches of masks exported abroad are "born" from the workshop ". However, affected by the epidemic situation, the rising price of raw materials leads to the rapid rise of the operating costs of the enterprise. The enterprise has no fixed assets in Dongguan, and the liquidity is also insufficient, as a result, the enterprise once faced the risk of "shutdown.

After knowing the difficulties of the enterprise, the research team formed by Dongguan Rural Commercial Bank actively contacted the senior executives of a Guangdong Weicai Science and Technology Co., Ltd. to propose a financing relief solution and start the "green channel" of credit granting ", guide enterprises to make full use of the policy of small re-lending in the People's Bank of China, help enterprises to obtain loans of 1.19 million yuan, ensure the enterprise's productivity, and effectively solve the problem of expansion of emergency supplies.

Since the beginning of this year, the People's Bank of China and other financial management departments have quickly launched policies such as "small reloans" and "rediscount". Through skillful use of monetary policy tools, the monetary and credit policies have been flexibly and moderately adjusted, promote the decrease of enterprises' financing costs and alleviate the impact of the epidemic on the real economy, especially small and micro foreign trade enterprises.
Recently, Dongguan central sub-branch of People's Bank of China successfully issued a small re-loan of 1.26 billion yuan to Dongguan bank and Dongguan Rural Commercial Bank, benefiting 515 market entities, and the average interest rate for enterprises to obtain loans was as low as 4.84%. This is the seventh batch of small-scale re-loans issued by Dongguan central sub-branch of People's Bank of China since this year, providing low-cost policy funds for stabilizing enterprises and ensuring employment, helping the vast number of small and micro enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households overcome the difficulties of the epidemic.
Data display, since this year, Dongguan central sub-branch of People's Bank of China has issued several batches of small-scale re-loans totaling 8.844 billion yuan, supporting local corporate banking institutions in the jurisdiction to issue preferential interest rate loans to 3755 small and micro enterprises (owners) and individual industrial and commercial households, the average loan interest rate is only 4.62%.

After the epidemic situation has entered normal prevention and control, the financial industry continues to provide blood transfusion and oxygen to enterprises. Recently, the People's Bank of China directly purchased loans for small and micro enterprises in the "end"-creating a credit loan support plan for inclusive small and micro enterprises. At the beginning of July, Guangdong province's first support program loan landed in Dongguan. On July 2th, Dongguan central sub-branch of People's Bank of China successfully issued credit loan support plan funds of inclusive small and micro businesses to Dongguan Bank, Dongguan Rural Commercial Bank and Huangjiang Zhujiang village bank, totaling 88.13 million yuan, the one-year zero-cost policy fund support for these banks has benefited 235 enterprises, and many foreign trade small and medium-sized enterprises have benefited from it. The average loan interest rate of enterprises is as low as 5.61%.

Ease export risk

more than 5400 service enterprises

in order to further strengthen the service support for small and micro foreign trade enterprises and restore the order of foreign trade production and operation, dongguan launched a series of financial policy "combination boxing" to continuously "blood transfusion" for the enterprise to resume work and production ".

Recently, Dongguan municipal people's government signed a deepening strategic cooperation agreement with Guangdong branch of Export-Import Bank of China and Guangdong branch of China export credit insurance company. Among them, Guangdong branch of Export-Import Bank of China plans to implement a comprehensive credit extension of not less than 30 billion yuan in Dongguan within the next three years to support the export of high-tech products and complete sets of equipment, resources, technology and Equipment Import Projects, overseas investment, overseas resource development, foreign contracted projects and other "going out" projects, as well as new generation information technology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials, new energy, life science, biotechnology and other key industries.

Under the guidance of Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce, China Construction Bank teamed up with Guangdong branch of China export credit insurance company (hereinafter referred to as "China credit insurance") and government bank insurance jointly launched the inclusive financing service of "trade and finance. This product is characterized by full line, pure credit and low interest rate, in order to solve the financing difficulties of vast small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises, A special solution to the problem of high financing-for small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises whose annual total import and export volume is no more than $65 million and annual export volume is less than $10 million (including), you can also get full or partial premium subsidies, especially for enterprises whose annual export value is less than $3 million, they will be given full premium subsidies.
A hardware mould company in Dongguan, which is engaged in processing and exporting computer peripheral equipment, moulds and hardware products, faces the problem of financing difficulty due to the epidemic situation, and the capital turnover is affected, thus affecting the subsequent operation and Development. When the founder of the enterprise hesitated, Dongguan branch of China Construction Bank sent a policy bonus-"trade and finance". "I didn't expect to complete the financing application in two steps with my fingers. It was very convenient to obtain a financing of one million yuan and return it as soon as I borrowed it." After signing agreements with China credit insurance and CCB, the founder received millions of yuan of funds through online application.
Export credit insurance covers losses caused by the commercial and political risks of importers in the process of export business, and also promotes the steady growth of foreign trade, an important policy financial tool to support trade financing of enterprises.
In addition to the actions of the insurance company, the business owner learned that in order to effectively solve the problems of enterprises, support enterprises to take orders, and further play the role of countercyclical adjustment of export credit insurance, provinces and cities provide premium subsidies for foreign trade enterprises, the subsidy range can reach more than 70%.
Among the first batch of foreign trade enterprises in Dongguan in 2020 that were recently allocated to support the expansion of export credit insurance project, 19 enterprises received a total of 4.2037 million yuan.
Jiahe intelligence is one of the 19 enterprises that have been funded this time, with nearly 350,000 yuan. The person in charge of the company said that Dongguan increased the subsidies for enterprises to purchase export credit insurance a lot, which promoted the insurance of enterprises to a certain extent and greatly reduced the export risks of enterprises.
Export credit insurance has "reassuring" export-oriented enterprises to resume production ". Data show that in the first half of this year, Dongguan used export credit insurance to guarantee the export scale of enterprises to exceed 5.7 billion dollars, up 11% year-on-year; There were more than 5400 service enterprises, up year-on-year; accumulatively put in "trade and finance" 38.1 million yuan, up 14.45%, effectively supporting small, medium and micro foreign trade enterprises to reduce financing costs.

Reduce "sole cost"

let enterprises handle financial business

in the 3D digital lobby of Dongguan branch of China Construction Bank, under the gradual guidance of business personnel, Wang Ming clicked on the intelligent operation interface and completed the foreign exchange collection procedures from American trading partners in two minutes. Dongguan Pinji Automation Technology Co., Ltd., operated by Wang Ming, has also become the first company in China to experience the online collection of "Guangjiao settlement.

"It is very convenient for enterprises to place orders, do business, pay down payment without leaving home, and also query the collection of foreign exchange in real time, which greatly reduces the accumulation risk". The relevant person in charge of Dongguan branch of China Construction Bank introduced that "Guangjiao Jiantong" can realize online cross-border settlement and help foreign trade enterprises to settle accounts in the cloud.
As the epidemic spreads around the world, the turbulence of international foreign exchange market intensifies. Time is money, dongguan actively helps foreign trade enterprises avoid foreign exchange risks through online channels, reduces operating costs, and helps foreign trade enterprises resume production.
For example, Dongguan is actively promoting network remote service at present, establishing green channel of foreign exchange service and special agency mechanism during the epidemic period, canceling the requirement of enterprises to report the business during the tutorial period to the Dongguan central branch of the foreign exchange administration, business reports such as trade credit and trade financing of enterprises can be handled online through the foreign exchange monitoring system of goods trade (Enterprise side) without having to report to the local foreign exchange administration, it reduces the "sole cost" of the enterprise and reduces the burden of the enterprise.
In the first five months of this year, Dongguan passed various "off-site" and "non-contact" channels, such as the government service online handling system, bank agency, e-mail or postal express receiving materials, convenient handling of goods trade foreign exchange income and expenditure list registration, change and cancellation business 819 transactions.
At the same time, Dongguan vigorously promotes the construction of "single window" financial function of international trade (Guangdong), which is also the implementation of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on promoting the stability of foreign trade and improving the port business environment, important measures to facilitate cross-border trade.
"To handle an import and export business, the previous procedures were tedious, time-consuming and laborious, and it had to run back and forth between multiple ports. Now, as long as you log on to Guangdong 'single window', open an account, finance, settlement, tax payment, insurance and all kinds of banking business can be handled in one stop, and pure credit financing can also be provided, which is really worry-free." An export trade entrepreneur in Dongguan said.
Data display, by the end of June, there were 10 banks and insurance institutions in Dongguan that linked to the "single window" platform. In the first half of the year, there were 1176 service enterprises in Dongguan through "single window", and the accumulated financing amount had reached 1.2 times of the total amount of last year.