Guangdong "stability foreign investment 12" three focus first look!
2020-07-29 17

In order to promote the use of foreign capital to improve quality and increase,

guangdong introduced "twelve measures" to stabilize foreign investment.

Since this year, Guangdong has actually used more than 80 billion yuan of foreign capital

in recent years, Guangdong has successively issued policies such as "ten foreign investment articles" and its revised version, which have achieved remarkable results after a period of operation. From 2017 to 2019, Guangdong's utilization of foreign capital continued to maintain steady growth, and its quality and efficiency continued to improve. According to the data of provincial Department of Commerce, since the beginning of this year, under the influence of epidemic situation and other factors, the actual use of foreign capital in Guangdong still reached 82.19 billion yuan, which was better than expected in general and showed an obvious stabilizing trend.

Focus 1: further expand opening-up

encourage foreign investors to invest in the field of new energy vehicles

"Measures" focuses on the reality and characteristics of Guangdong, highlighting factors such as Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao, Dawan district, free trade pilot zone, provincial leaders contacting multinational companies through train mechanism, large foreign investment projects, high-quality development of manufacturing industry, etc, strengthen the implementation of the policies that have been introduced, strengthen the guarantee of national treatment for foreign investment, and emphasize the principle of consistency between domestic and foreign investment as the starting point to promote the construction of investment and business environment.

Among them, in order to further expand the opening up, "measures" proposed to implement the policy of expanding foreign investment market access. For example, fully implement the management system of national treatment and negative list before foreign investment access, encourage foreign investment in the field of new energy vehicles, and relax the restrictions on the ratio of foreign capital shares in commercial vehicle manufacturing. Support foreign parties of Sino-foreign joint venture passenger vehicle enterprises to transfer average fuel consumption and new energy vehicle credits according to regulations. Cancel the restrictions on the investment proportion and working years of foreign investors by establishing foreign-funded talent agencies and employment agencies.

In the aspect of accelerating the opening process of financial service industry, measures supports foreign-funded enterprises to carry out the convenience business of capital project income payment. Support overseas institutional investors to participate in the investment of private equity investment funds and venture capital enterprises (funds) in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Dawan district through qualified overseas limited partners (QFLP). Foreign-funded enterprises are allowed to adjust from the foreign debt management mode of "poor bet" to the macro-prudential management mode of cross-border financing to borrow foreign debts. Explore the pilot of cross-border capital pool business integrating local and foreign currencies in mainland cities in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Dawan district.

"Measures" also proposes to increase investment promotion efforts and innovate investment promotion methods. Among them, the application scope of the through train mechanism for provincial leaders to contact multinational companies will be extended to multinational companies with major investment projects or intentions in Guangdong to build a joint promotion and investment attraction mechanism in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Dawan district.

Focus 2: Increase Investment Promotion

multinational companies set up the highest award 0.1 billion for General enterprises in Guangdong

currently, BASF integration base, Exxon Mobil chemical complex, China sea shell Huizhou Phase III ethylene, modern automotive hydrogen fuel cell power system, comprehensive utilization of Donghua Energy (Maoming) alkanes resources, A batch of high-quality foreign investment projects such as the overseas headquarters of Thailand Zhengda group were promoted orderly as planned, which enhanced the stamina for the stable development of foreign investment in Guangdong.

In order to strengthen the support and guarantee of major foreign investment projects, Guangdong will implement the financial support of the provincial finance for major foreign investment projects, and the actual annual foreign investment amount that meets the conditions (excluding loans from foreign shareholders) new projects with more than $50 million and capital increase projects with more than $30 million will be rewarded according to the proportion of not less, highest Award 0.1 billion yuan.

"Measures" also proposes that, establish and improve provincial and municipal major foreign investment project work special class, the qualified total investment of more than 0.1 billion dollars in the negotiation, signing and construction of foreign capital projects shall be incorporated into the coordination of provincial major foreign capital projects in accordance with the procedures, and the provincial government shall coordinate the overall planning of land use, energy consumption, the fine management of "one enterprise, one commissioner" and "one project, one plan" should be implemented on matters such as pollutant emission.

Guangdong will also support the development of foreign-funded enterprises."Measures" proposes to improve the identification standard of establishing regional headquarters of multinational corporations and institutions with headquarters function in Guangdong, and to contribute more than 0.1 billion yuan to the foreign-funded General enterprises in the provincial fiscal year for the first time, the provincial finance will give a one-time reward according to 30% of its contribution to the provincial finance in that year, with a maximum reward of 0.1 billion yuan.

Focus 3: respond to the stable development of epidemic situation

domestic and foreign enterprises enjoy the same policy of helping enterprises rescue

in the aspect of protecting the legitimate rights and interests of foreign investment, Guangdong will fully implement the laws and regulations of foreign investment, accelerate the local legislation to protect the rights and interests of foreign investment enterprises, and build a vertical contact and horizontal coordination mechanism for the complaint work of foreign investment enterprises. At the same time, foreign-funded enterprises should be guaranteed to participate in standardization work and government procurement equally. For example, arrange special funds for standardization strategy as a whole, and guide and encourage foreign-funded enterprises to participate in the formulation of standards. Support qualified Chinese employees of foreign-funded enterprises to apply to join the government procurement review experts.

In strengthening the protection of intellectual property rights, guangdong will increase penalties for intellectual property infringement in foreign-related fields and promote the establishment of a rapid coordinated protection mechanism for intellectual property rights., improve the diversified settlement mechanism of intellectual property disputes, deepen the intellectual property protection of key exhibitions, and equally protect the intellectual property rights of foreign investors and foreign-invested enterprises. "Measures" also proposes to standardize the examination and approval supervision in the field of foreign investment.

In order to support foreign-funded enterprises to cope with the stable development of epidemic situation, measures supports qualified foreign-funded enterprises to apply for unsecured and preferential interest rate loans. Support foreign-funded manufacturing enterprises to carry out technological transformation through means such as equipment rewards. Support foreign-funded enterprises to transfer marketable export products to domestic sales, strengthen the construction of domestic sales channels, accurately meet consumer demand, and strengthen domestic sales financing credit support. Guarantee domestic and foreign enterprises to enjoy the same national and provincial policies to help enterprises rescue.

Source: Southern Daily