The Epidemic Situation Has Forced the Development of the Digital Economy. 15 New Business Forms and New Models Have Been Supported by Policies.
2020-08-06 566

Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission, the central network information office, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Education and other 13 departments jointly released "opinions on supporting the healthy development of new business status and new model to activate the consumer market to drive the expansion of employment" (hereinafter referred to as "opinions").

In the process of fighting against the new Crown pneumonia epidemic, digital economy has played an irreplaceable positive role and become a new engine to promote China's economic and social development. "Opinions" put forward in the general requirements that the new business status and new model supporting the integration of online and offline should be taken as an important breakthrough for economic transformation and promoting reform and innovation, breaking the traditional inertial thinking.

How do you view the background of "opinions? Compared with previous measures to support the development of digital economy, what are the characteristics of the new document? Relevant experts understand this.

Digital economy welcomes opportunities and new policies arouse innovation initiative

"Digital economy is actually an economic form driven and promoted by digital productivity." Speaking of the understanding of digital economy, Gong Ke, chairman of the world engineering organization Federation and executive director of China's New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Strategy Research Institute, said at the 2020 Global Forum on digital economy for small and medium-sized enterprises held recently.

Gong Ke believes that the development of digitalization and networking has brought a large amount of data, and data has become a factor of production. Dealing with such production factors requires tools, which are digital technologies. On this basis, the production and life also need infrastructure, which is the so-called new infrastructure.

The newly released opinion attracts the most attention that it includes 15 new modes of digital economy in its support scope.

Specifically, it includes: vigorously developing integrated online education; Actively developing Internet medical treatment; Encouraging the development of convenient online office; Continuously improving the level of digital governance; Cultivating industrial platform development ecology; Accelerating the pace of digital transformation of traditional enterprises; create virtual industrial parks and industrial clusters across physical boundaries; Develop unmanned economy based on new technologies.

In addition, it also includes: actively cultivating new individuals and supporting independent employment; Vigorously developing micro-economy and encouraging sideline innovation; Strengthening the protection of labor rights and interests in flexible employment, exploring multi-point practice; Expanding new space for shared life; create a new driving force for shared production; Explore a new mode for the sharing of production materials; Stimulate new vitality in the circulation of data elements.

In Gong Ke's view, after the emergence of the new Crown pneumonia epidemic, people need to maintain social distance and reduce contact, which brings opportunities to the development of digital economy. For example, online learning, online meetings, and online exhibitions enable more people to experience digital life, production, and work, and accelerate the digital process.

"A large number of new business forms and new modes have emerged rapidly, which have played an irreplaceable role in assisting epidemic prevention and control, ensuring people's livelihood, hedging the pressure of the industry, driving economic recovery, supporting stable employment, etc, new business status and new mode have created a large number of new jobs and opened up new channels for innovation and wealth creation for the masses." When talking about the background of the "opinions", the relevant person in charge of the innovation and high-tech development department of the National Development and Reform Commission said.

Therefore, the promulgation of the "opinions" is also to implement the decision-making arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, to do a solid job in the "six stability" work, to implement the "six guarantees" task, and to further mobilize the innovative enthusiasm of the market Main body, stimulate the vitality of the market and effectively support the policy guarantee of employment.

Eliminate constraints and foster a digital transformation ecosystem

"During this new pneumonia epidemic, the digital economy played an increasingly important role in supporting the 'six stable' and 'six insurance." The person in charge of the above-mentioned innovation and high-tech development department of the National Development and Reform Commission said.

Recently released economic data for the first half of the year show that in the first half of, the investment in e-commerce service industry increased by more than 30%, and the online retail sales of physical goods increased by 14.3% year-on-year, accounting for 25.2% of the total retail sales of social consumer, it increased by 5.6 age points compared with the same period of last year.

However, it should also be noted that there are still many constraints to be broken in embracing the digital economy.

"China has entered the stage of deep integration of the internet, big data, artificial intelligence and the real economy. With the continuous development of advanced productivity such as 5G, artificial intelligence, and modern logistics, some traditional inertial thinking and policy systems have been difficult to adapt to development needs." The person in charge introduced that "opinions" mainly introduced measures from four aspects to eliminate the constraints faced by the development of new business status and new mode and create a good development environment.

These include: optimizing the mode of business governance to further stimulate the market innovation ability; Strengthening the coordination of digital transformation to further enhance the benefits of digital transformation; Improving the employment service and security system to further activate the new employment potential; reform the management system of production materials to further improve the utilization efficiency of factors.

In terms of strengthening collaboration in digital transformation and further improving the benefits of digital transformation, the person in charge said that at present, some small, medium and micro enterprises are facing the "transformation is to die" in the digital transformation, the dilemma of "not turning is waiting for death. We need to improve the public service capability of digital transformation, cultivate the digital transformation ecology, and improve the transformation efficiency.

"During the development of digital economy, we should pay full attention to small and medium-sized enterprises." Gong Ke believes that small and medium-sized enterprises should successfully complete the digital transformation as an important task to promote the digital economy. Many small and medium-sized enterprises still face many difficulties in the process of digital transformation. The current countermeasures include establishing an open innovation platform and adopting an open source model, which may lower the threshold for the digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Cooperate with multiple departments to form a joint effort to promote as a whole

during the outbreak of Xinguan pneumonia, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) introduced many measures to promote the development of digital economy. For example, in April this year, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and the central network information office jointly issued the implementation plan on promoting the action of "using numbers to give wisdom to the cloud" to cultivate new economic development.

Then, what are the new features of the "opinions" issued this time?

The person in charge of the above-mentioned innovation and high-tech development department of the National Development and Reform Commission introduced that the newly released "opinions" mainly has three characteristics: it reflects encouraging innovation, precise policy application and collaborative promotion.

"For the first time, the document proposes to share the means of production, virtual industrial park and industrial cluster, new individual economy, sideline innovation and micro economy, which are all the achievements of the innovation of market subjects." As for the embodiment of encouraging innovation, the person in charge said, "we should give more imagination space for market innovation, fully mobilize the innovation enthusiasm of market subjects, activate Factor resources and stimulate market vitality, to better release the innovation efficiency of digitalization in various fields of the real economy."

moreover, the reporter noticed that "opinions" also mentioned the "home-made economy" and online live broadcast which were very popular during the outbreak of Xinguan pneumonia. The opinion proposes to support the orderly development of online diversified social networking and short video platforms; Guide the rational development of "home-made economy" and promote the standardized and healthy development of new service methods such as online live broadcasting.

According to the introduction, in the aspect of precise policy application, the document is not divided according to the traditional industry, but guided orderly according to the development characteristics of key directions of 15 new formats and new modes, it complies with the development trend of cross-integration and innovation between traditional formats and the Internet. According to the characteristics of different formats, the document proposes innovative key policies in different aspects, such as new online service mode, digital transformation in production field, new individual economy, and supply of innovative production factors.

In addition, the document also reflects collaborative promotion. "The deep integration of the Internet and the real economy has produced a large number of new business forms and new models, involving a large number of industries and covering a wide range. The document was jointly released by 13 departments to further strengthen inter-departmental coordination. Each of the policy implementation has been clearly defined to the specific Responsible department to ensure the follow-up overall promotion and form a joint force." The person in charge above explained.

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