How Intelligent Manufacturing Drives the Development of Information Industry
2020-08-07 3

At present, the world economy is facing downward pressure, while new information industry models such as Internet Plus and advanced manufacturing have enhanced the impact resistance of China's economy. The integration and development of information technology and advanced manufacturing have formed the industrial agglomeration effect of one plus one over two. However, it is full of challenges in the process of practicing advanced manufacturing in the information industry. How to realize the integration and development of the information industry and advanced manufacturing has become the focus of the industry.


Recently, it was hosted by China Electronic Information Industry Research Institute, co-hosted by China Science and Technology Shuguang and Intel, Shenyang Xinsong Robot, Tianjin University, the first information industry Advanced Manufacturing Summit Forum (hereinafter referred to as the Forum) co-organized by Tsinghua University's Department of Electronic Engineering and micro exhibition World was held online.


The theme of this forum is "intelligent manufacturing power · high quality development". Li Bohu, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Zhang Li, president of China Electronic Information Development Research Institute, Ren Jingyang, senior vice president of Zhongke Shuguang, are invited, qu Daokui, president of Shenyang Xinsong Robot, conducted in-depth analysis and discussion on the development trend and opportunity of intelligent manufacturing, how intelligent factories and green factories drive the development of information industry and other topics.


Advanced technology empowers high-quality development of manufacturing industry


at present, China's manufacturing industry is in a critical period of industrial upgrading. Intelligent manufacturing has become the main direction to promote the deep integration of industry and informatization and improve social production efficiency. Especially in


the new generation of industrial revolution with prominent features of "accelerating innovation of information technology" and "technology penetration and integration" is profoundly changing the manufacturing industry.


"New technological revolution and industrial revolution have been fully launched, and the era of Intelligence + is coming." Li Bohu, an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, said in his keynote speech on "a new intelligent manufacturing system in an intelligent era-cloud manufacturing system 3.0, cloud Manufacturing System 3.0 to implement the strategic planning and action plan of China's manufacturing power, for manufacturing and new Internet big data technology and artificial intelligence technology, it provides a new mode, new means and new format of intelligent manufacturing system for the representative integrated development of information and communication technology.


According to V1, with the development of the society and the maturity of related technologies, the cloud manufacturing system is constantly being iteratively updated. "Our team started the research and exploration of cloud manufacturing 1.0 in 2009; In the second year, we proposed and started the research and exploration of smart cloud manufacturing, that is, cloud manufacturing 2.0; In 2017, propose and start the research and exploration of cloud manufacturing 3.0." Li Bohu introduced that cloud manufacturing system 3.0 is a system which aims at improving the market competitiveness of manufacturing enterprises and takes the integration of the two as the main line and is based on the informatization work of China's manufacturing industry.


Li Bohu said that the contribution of cloud manufacturing system 3.0 to the development of China's intelligent manufacturing industry is embodied in two aspects: On the one hand, it improves the competitiveness of manufacturing enterprises to the market; on the other hand, the manufacturing industry has become the main body of the national economy, the foundation of founding the country, the instrument of rejuvenating the country and the foundation of strengthening the country.


"Computing has become the DNA of modern technological innovation. In the era of customization of industrial 4.0, advanced computing power is productivity." Ren Jingyang, senior vice president of Zhongke Shuguang, pointed out that the integration of advanced computing and intelligent manufacturing is inevitable.


"Our country is a big country of advanced computing and intelligent manufacturing. Specifically, five factors are promoting the deep integration of advanced computing and intelligent manufacturing." Ren Jingyang said, first, the relevant technologies are relatively mature. Both advanced computing and intelligent manufacturing have made a series of technological breakthroughs, and at the same time, many practical technologies have entered a mature stage. Second, there is strong market demand. Thirdly, from the perspective of human substitution, the demographic dividend in our country is gradually fading, which needs to promote industrial upgrading through intelligent manufacturing. Fourth, due to the impact of the epidemic, in the first half of 2020, advanced computing and intelligent manufacturing need to be further integrated to empower and upgrade China's traditional manufacturing industry. Fifth, relevant policy support. Both national and local governments have issued relevant policies to support the development of advanced computing and intelligent manufacturing.


"At present, robots have become a focus of global intelligent manufacturing competition." Qu Daokui said, on the one hand, robots are the technical basis of intelligent manufacturing such as aerospace equipment, new energy vehicles and rail transit. On the other hand, robots are also an important support for our country to leap from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power.


Intelligent Manufacturing Technology needs to be broken through by many parties


academician Li Bohu said that the new generation of artificial intelligence technology, new Internet technology, new information communication technology and so on are developing rapidly, its integration with new professional technologies in the application field is causing major changes in new modes, new means and new formats in various fields such as human society, national economy, national economy and people's livelihood. "Among them, the development of cloud manufacturing needs to focus on enterprise-centered politics, production, learning, research, gold, establish with a combined technology innovation system, pay attention to the cultivation of all kinds of talents, the national and local infrastructure, the support of national and local policies, the coordinated development of technology, application and industry, and the development of technology, application and industrial development", academician Li Bohu thought.


For the next development of intelligent manufacturing, the practice of deep integration of advanced computing and intelligent manufacturing is also essential, ren Jingyang hoped that Zhongke Shuguang could cooperate with its upstream and downstream enterprises to promote the development of intelligent manufacturing in our country, and put forward suggestions from two aspects: On the one hand, ren Jingyang hopes that the whole industry will work together to build a new generation of advanced computing infrastructure. No matter for the next step of the development of China's manufacturing industry or the iterative upgrading of local industries, it cannot be separated from the infrastructure construction of the new generation of advanced computing. On the other hand, Ren Jingyang hopes that the industry can integrate forces to break through and develop industrial software. He believes that the computing power of hardware alone is insufficient, and it needs the strong support of industrial software. But from the current development situation, the hardware development of our country is ahead of software. Therefore, it is particularly important to fill the gap in the field of important industrial software in our country. Therefore, Guangdong Weiyi Industrial Internet Technology Co., Ltd. is also actively promoting the development of industrial internet field.


In addition, the intelligent manufacturing collaborative innovation laboratory was officially unveiled at this forum. The laboratory will focus on key technologies of intelligent manufacturing, which will be researched and promoted by many parties, carry out collaborative innovation, introduce technological achievements, incubate solutions and high-end equipment.