Six Manufacturing Innovation Centers in Hunan Province Organize and Implement 28 Key R & D Projects
2020-08-10 0

Recently, learned from Hunan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology that, as the "leader" of innovation, six manufacturing innovation centers in Hunan province organized and implemented 28 key research and development projects, breaking through micro-electromechanical system, SiC module, A batch of key common technologies, such as intelligent network vehicle testing, have successfully developed a batch of new products and formulated one international standard and four national industry standards.

According to the statistics of V1 industrial internet platform, 6 innovation centers have accumulated expenditure of 0.475 billion yuan for infrastructure construction and laboratory research and development equipment purchase. The intelligent network vehicle testing innovation center has built an intelligent system testing laboratory, owning the first intelligent high-speed demonstration line of 100 kilometers in China and the open road of the most widely intelligent driving city of 135 square kilometers in China, the intelligent road test system realizes full coverage of 5G and supports automatic driving test and demonstration applications of L3 level and above.



Lay out the innovation chain around the industrial chain, and promote the integration and development of the industrial chain and the innovation chain. The national advanced rail transit equipment innovation center has carried out research and development in seven major technical fields such as operation and maintenance services, further boosting the innovation and development of rail transit industry in Hunan province. Integrated circuit equipment innovation center focuses on key common technologies in semiconductor field such as vacuum technology and plasma technology, and researches and develops key equipment and test lines of SiC Series integrated circuit to promote the independent development of China's new generation electronic information industry.

Implement a batch of key research and development projects and obtain a batch of innovative achievements. Through the implementation of national and provincial key projects such as "research and development and application of science and technology service technology for rail transit equipment operation quality inspection and monitoring", the national advanced rail transit equipment innovation center has successfully developed high-power automatic laser cleaning equipment, the new switch contactor and the micro-electromechanical system packaging technology based on 3D printing fill the domestic blank. The intelligent network vehicle test and Innovation Center established the national vehicle network pilot area, realizing the official commercial operation of Changsha's first intelligent bus line. The electromagnetic equipment Innovation Center's Project "research on key technologies of evaporation cooling electromagnetic stirrer and development of prototype" has completed prototype trial production. With the advancement of industrial 4.0, industrial enterprises in various regions have also begun to transform and upgrade. Guangdong Weiyi Industrial Internet Technology Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the concept of "linking the world and making industry better, help China's industry take off!