China Mobile Releases White Paper on
2020-08-11 0

According to the media department of V1 Industrial Internet Technology Co., Ltd., China Mobile and news media jointly held the launching activity of mobile poverty alleviation "Network +" large-scale all-media series report in Beijing last week, hundreds of news media across the country witnessed together through on-site and online means. At the launch meeting, the white paper on China Mobile's "network +" poverty alleviation model was officially released.

The white paper on China Mobile's "network +" poverty alleviation model is a systematic summary and refinement of China Mobile's poverty alleviation practice over the past 18 years. It is also China Mobile's commitment to continue to give full play to its network advantages and deepen information to benefit the people in the future. "Network +" is the name of poverty alleviation mode, which reflects the basic concept and fundamental characteristics of China Mobile's poverty alleviation work different from other poverty alleviation subjects. "1+3 + X" is the system framework of poverty alleviation mode, covering the main practices and implementation paths of China Mobile's poverty alleviation work. "1" represents taking the internet poverty alleviation as the main line, constantly improving the information infrastructure in poor areas, continuously carrying out the "village-to-village telephone project" and the universal telecommunication service, so that the poor can use it; provide poor customers with a series of exclusive tariff discounts such as "poverty alleviation package", reduction and free gifts, which are affordable for poor people; Develop poverty alleviation mobile phones with high quality and low price for needy groups, develop bilingual mobile phones for the minority masses to make them better used. "3" represents to ensure organization, capital and talents well. The representative of "X" organically combines informatization service with education, consumption, health, industry and other poverty alleviation fields, giving full play to the boosting, amplifying and multiplying effect of informatization on the high-quality development of economy and society, with the power of network and information, we will help poverty alleviation and leapfrog development in poverty-stricken areas.

With the help of the release of this white paper, in the next step, China Mobile will continue to promote the effective connection between the overall poverty alleviation and the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy, overcome the impact of the epidemic, and successfully complete the targeted poverty alleviation and counterpart support tasks of the group company, we will resolutely complete the designated assistance tasks in more than 1800 counties and villages across the country, continue to improve and upgrade the "Network +" poverty alleviation model, and actively explore information solutions such as "5G +" poverty alleviation and smart villages, help farmers get rid of poverty and become rich, increase agricultural productivity and income, harmonious and stable rural areas, and contribute "mobile power" to win the battle against poverty ".