Qingdao City of Shandong Province Issued 20 General Outlines on
2020-08-14 3461

The reporter of Guangdong Weiyi industrial internet media department learned from the relevant press conference on August 12th that the highly anticipated Qingdao City "several measures on accelerating the high quality development of industrial internet" (hereinafter referred to as "several measures") was officially released. All 20 measures involve five major aspects, including building a complete industrial internet ecology, building an internationally leading industrial internet platform, developing a full-chain industrial internet system, guide all kinds of resources to gather in the industrial internet, establish a working mechanism of industrial internet jointly managed, etc.

This general outline document, known as the high-quality development of Qingdao industrial internet, makes people shine at the moment. Facing the new competition channel of industrial internet in the city, Qingdao jumped out of the previous formulation ideas and frameworks of similar policies, striving to promote the rapid development of industrial internet with the new logic of openness and market.

The reporter learned that the formulation cycle of "several measures" was as long as 5 months. The drafting department, the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, conducted in-depth research and soliciting opinions from various parties without any ready-made experience. During this period, only two major adjustments were made, it can be called "starting out after thousands of calls".

All-round opening-up scenarios

industrial internet itself is an open ecology, which gathers all kinds of platform companies, industrial enterprises and other main bodies to form a new industrial system with cross-border integration, openness and inclusiveness, and collaborative innovation. The more multi-agent is involved, the more active the ecology is. This new deal focuses on strengthening market opening and ecological construction.

"Several measures" shows that the city will establish two scene lists of "industrial empowerment" and "Future City", regularly publish scene lists and carry out scene demonstration applications. Financial support also focuses on scenario demonstration applications. Through the selection of "industrial empowerment" scenario demonstration projects, money in hard cash is rewarded to encourage and guide more fields to open application scenarios to the industrial internet. The demonstration project can be awarded up to 2 million yuan.

Meanwhile, focusing on the complete ecological construction, several measures formed a "closed loop" around the three core systems of "network, platform and security" of industrial internet ". Focus on the construction of platforms, support the construction of cross-industry and cross-field industrial internet platforms, and at the same time cultivate a batch of Sub-Industry industrial internet platforms in specific fields; Network basic fields, vigorously promote the construction of 5G network and industrial internet identification analysis system; In terms of security, build a security system such as network security and data security.

Adhering to the "user" thinking

industrial internet is a new channel for cities, and a new technology and means for enterprises. Facing the tide of industrial internet, many enterprises are in a wait-and-see state. The policy uses market-oriented thinking to plan the development of industrial internet in the whole city, and analyzes and deals with the concerns of enterprises one by one.

The reporter of Weiyi industrial internet media department learned that, in order to promote enterprises to use the cloud platform, Qingdao encourages various industrial internet platforms to give discounts to small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises to purchase and use cloud computing resources and platform services to reduce the burden of users' expenses; In order to promote small and medium-sized enterprises to design, manufacture, management and other key links, deployment to promote digital popularization, network collaboration, intelligent improvement, completed the completion of the enterprise's annual internal network, industrial software, system integration and other aspects of investment of more than 500,000 yuan (online) the project will be awarded and supplemented according to 20% of the investment amount, with a maximum of no more than 2 million yuan; In order to meet the needs of enterprises for talents, it is proposed to formulate talent policies based on the needs of enterprises and improve the construction of talent system, targeted introduction and cultivation of industrial internet talents, etc., change the government's "serving dishes" into the enterprise's "ordering dishes".

How to maximize the effectiveness of policies? Qingdao has also provided new ideas, using multiple "tools" to stimulate the enthusiasm of enterprises.

Change "give discount" to "give opportunity". Adhere to the combination of unconditional and threshold, for example, it is unconditionally open to "industrial empowerment" scenarios, but for platform service providers, it is included in the municipal industrial internet platform service provider directory, the annual service of more than 50 local enterprises and other conditions to be selected. For the platform service providers after storage, they will be rewarded according to a certain proportion of their service income.

Change "to make perfection still more perfect" to "give in the snow". Adhere to the combination of pre-support and post-subsidy. Different from most of the existing policy support methods, several measures innovate the way of financial capital investment, set up special funds for the industrial internet industry, explore the reform of "allocating and changing investment" of financial funds, and the government will cover the bottom to spread risks, build a long-term mechanism of financial capital incentive to guide the industrial transformation and development, give full play to the role of government guiding fund leverage, and accelerate the accumulation of capital, technology and projects.

Precise implementation and enhanced collaboration

several measures also strive to achieve new breakthroughs in the implementation of precision. Throughout the full text of the policy, each of the 20 measures has a clear direction, taking the industrial internet as the core, radiating various fields and fully stimulating the new momentum of economic development.

Policies promote the implementation of scenarios. Quarterly release of no less than 200 "industrial empowerment" scenarios and 50 "Future Cities" scenarios, in coordination with a series of "industrial empowerment" scenario matchmaking meetings and other activities, promote more fields to open all application scenarios to the industrial internet, and continue to promote the deep integration of core technologies and scenarios.

Promote industrial restructuring with policies. Give full play to the decisive role of market allocation of resources, build brand-new industrial upstream and downstream relationships with industrial internet, including promoting the construction of industrial internet identification analysis system, cultivating echelons of industrial internet service providers, support the construction of the industrial internet security system, and comprehensively reconstruct the business environment, market order, and industrial ecology.

Lead new infrastructure with policies. Guide the public facilities resources of government institutions at various levels, public institutions and state-owned enterprises to be open to the construction of 5G base stations for free. Encourage all districts and cities to support the newly built and opened 5G park in terms of the construction cost of base stations and supporting facilities, operating power consumption, etc.

According to Guangdong Weiyi industrial internet platform, all policy subjects in the city will also be highly coordinated to release policy dividends to the maximum extent. The excitation Chamber of Commerce for Import vitality. Unblock the communication channels of the government, enterprises and business associations, give full play to the resource advantages and ties of relevant business associations, innovate and carry out industrial activities such as cross-regional cooperation, business investment, docking and communication, etc. Strengthen the linkage. Guide all districts and cities to research and introduce innovative and differentiated industrial internet support policies based on the main objectives, crucial tasks and key projects of "Qingdao industrial internet three-year crucial implementation plan" and combining with local conditions. Intensify sectoral coordination. The Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, together with each member unit of the industrial internet special working group such as science and technology, finance and finance, will strive to create a national industrial internet industry demonstration base, national demonstration area for the integrated development of industrial internet.