Foreign Giants Seek
2020-08-24 682

Traditional enterprises actively embrace the process of digital transformation, and let foreign giants see a huge incremental market. They are seeking "new friends".

V1 industrial internet research institute learned that the overall development of industrial internet and the application of artificial intelligence products are gradually accelerating.

Xiong Yi, senior vice president of Schneider Electric and head of strategy and development department in China, told reporters: "35% of 5G applications are deployed in the fields of construction engineering and manufacturing. As more products enter big data through the internet of things, we will enter a acceleration cycle. The deployment and acceleration of AI will allow more devices to connect to the storage space of the cloud and big data centers, massive data will gather for the first time."

traditional enterprises actively embrace the process of digital transformation, and let foreign giants see a huge incremental market. They are seeking "new friends".

Foreign giants seek new growth in China

"Connection is greater than ownership" defines the essential characteristics of the digital economy. Under this trend, industrial manufacturing enterprises need to empower enterprise management and operation and create value through digitalization. Foreign-funded industrial giants realize that in order to seek the next stage of development in China, we must expand a diversified ecological circle, covering medical treatment, financial leasing, smart home, smart agriculture, energy management, IT technology and other fields.

"Digital transformation has become an inevitable choice for Chinese enterprises to achieve sustainable development and build long-term competitiveness. Future Innovation must not be accomplished by an enterprise, and partners are an indispensable part." Zhu Xiaoxun, the executive vice president of Siemens China and the general manager of the Internet of Things division (siemensfavora), told The CFIC reporter at a launch meeting of China's ecological cooperation plan held in Suzhou recently.

To this end, Siemens launched the "industrial internet ecological cooperation plan" to provide ecological partners with innovative solutions for digital transformation from consultation to implementation, including digital transformation evaluation toolkit, industrial internet architecture design, data mid-end, knowledge mid-end, IoT data processing technology, factory digital upgrade and simulation technology, etc.

Driven by the "new infrastructure" policy, enterprises are particularly willing to embrace and leverage digitalization. In the short term, the investment in "new infrastructure" will provide new momentum for China's post-epidemic economic growth; In the long run, 5G, artificial intelligence, industrial internet and big data will launch digital innovation, it will provide technological empowerment for China's transformation and upgrading, and at the same time create new commercial formats.

The "survey on the current situation of digital transformation of Chinese enterprises" jointly launched by Tsinghua University of Economic Management specialty and Siemens preliminarily reveals the benefits and challenges of digital transformation of Chinese enterprises. The survey results show that upgrading existing software and hardware equipment is the biggest challenge for enterprises in the digital transformation.

Professor Li Jizhen, vice president of School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University, is right V1 industrial internet the reporter said, "'opening' and 'ecotion' are the key words of the industrial business model of the Internet innovation. We need more partners to build the ecology and create value in the ecology."

small and medium-sized enterprises "circle of friends" can not be ignored

the Internet era makes it possible for more small and medium-sized enterprises in China to join the "circle of friends" of giants ".

According to V1 Industrial Internet Research Institute, nengke Technology Co., Ltd., Xiamen Leshi Technology Co., Ltd., Yantai Digital Network Technology Co., Ltd., Suzhou Financial Leasing Co., Ltd, more than ten enterprises such as Tang renshen Group Co., Ltd. have joined the ecosystem of Siemens as the first batch of partners.

Pang Xingjian, senior vice president of Schneider Electric and head of industrial automation business in China, believes that the circle of friends in the digital era focuses on mining data value, and the trend of decentralization is obvious. "Digitization will break the traditional supply chain ecology and form a value integration ecological aggregation model centering on the characteristics of target customers." Pang Xingjian told reporters at the 2020 innovation summit of "win-win-digital future" held last week.

Pang Xingjian believes that small enterprises can also build a strong supply chain through appropriate partnership and cooperation.

"Many people think that intelligent manufacturing and intelligent supply chain are the 'patent' of large enterprises, which is a misunderstanding." Pang Xingjian told CBN reporter, "green color and intelligence are the future of manufacturing industry, and SMEs especially need digital technology to save energy and increase efficiency. In fact, as long as SMEs use appropriate technologies and select the right partners, they can also build a strong supply chain to improve business continuity and sustainability."

schneider Electric has paid special attention to the digital transformation needs of small and medium-sized enterprises in recent years, striving to attract small and medium-sized enterprises to "enter the circle for development".

Xiong Yi told reporters that the digital transformation of enterprises is driven by scenarios and is bound to break the industry boundaries. "For example, if traditional industries want to use digital technologies to improve efficiency and capabilities in specific scenarios, they need the participation of partners such as data collection, big data analysis, and infrastructure. It is essential to successfully transform a high-quality circle of friends." He said.

When talking about how to develop the ecosystem in China, Sylvain Laurent, the president of the Asia-Pacific region of Dassault System, a French software giant, told the reporter, "We have changed the business development mode in China, not only to find distributors, but also to bring complementary partners to our business and empower them with Dassault System technology."