Guangdong: Industrial Clusters Blow a Whirlwind of Digital Transformation
2020-09-04 7

The new Crown pneumonia epidemic affects exports. How can Shiling town, Huadu district, Guangzhou city, known as the "capital of Chinese leather goods", "on the cloud" to save itself? Reporters saw in the direct broadcast room of the town's leather product innovation center that the anchor was introducing the latest original design luggage to the camera. V1 industrial internet learned that "our back-office technicians are uploading buyers' needs to the public platform through the trial-run 'Cloud ERP' software and docking them to enterprises in the upper and lower reaches of the industrial chain." Huang Huigu, chairman of the board of Guangzhou Kingsons luggage Technology Co., Ltd., said that the digital platform can realize the functions of online order receiving, price comparison, evaluation and delivery.

Chinese leather goods look at Guangdong, and Guangdong leather goods look at Shiling. Shiling town is the largest cluster of leather goods and bags industry in China. Within the radius of 5km, there are more than 8800 manufacturers of various leather goods and bags and more than 16800 merchants providing matching services, with more than 200,000 employees, A total of more than 0.7 billion bags are provided to global customers every year, with an annual output value of 30 billion yuan. A few days ago, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, with the industrial information department of Guangzhou, Huadu District and the People's Government of Shiling town, held a user discussion meeting on the digital transformation scheme of luggxage bags cases industrial clusters in Shiling town. According to the plan, expected by the end of this year to promote 15 enterprises migration to the cloud, upstream and downstream industry chain 100 companies on the platform is reduced using the industry cost 14 million yuan, and expedite the cultivation of new building "lion mode".

Xu Shenglian, director of the business department of Guangzhou Shangyi Luggage Co., Ltd., now logs in to the cloud platform every day to see the situation of the department. "For example, when picking materials, it took a long time to buy them directly in the leather city." Chen Weibo, the general manager of Guangzhou shenglongsi textile and leather Co., Ltd. also had a deep feeling for this kind of hectic feeling. There were about 200 kinds of fabrics in his store, "because there were so many kinds of fabrics, the goods had to move to and fro sometimes, some goods have forgotten their storage locations, resulting in frequent errors when shipping".

Guangzhou get Software Co., Ltd. is the data service enterprise for the digital transformation of industrial clusters. In the view of general manager Cai conscript, "the traditional way of manufacture and management cannot cope with large-scale, the complex requirements of multiple batches and small batches, and the digital transformation is the breakthrough for the high-quality development of the leather goods and bags industry in Shiling town". At present, 25% of the enterprises in Shiling town use the company's system. After using the platform, Chen Weibo smiled. "In the past, five/six individuals were responsible for warehouse management, but now two or three people can handle it easily." Chen Weibo said that the data can be seen on the mobile phone, and the warehouse feels that it is under control.

"Digital transformation is the only way for Shiling leather products luggage industry to develop with high quality under the new situation." Hsieh Ying-chun, mayor of Shiling town, said that a public information platform, a shared manufacturing center, a public logistics warehouse and a live e-commerce base will be built to further strengthen the Shiling leather products luggage industrial cluster. "We hope that the total output value of industrial clusters will break through from 30 billion yuan to 50 billion yuan, and cultivate more leading brand luggage enterprises."

according to reports, Shiling town is currently stepping up the construction of a "shared processing center for advanced equipment". The construction of a shared processing center is investment cycle long, and a single enterprise is unable to invest. It needs a platform construction to realize the shared processing of advanced equipment.

V1 industrial internet learned that on August 22, Guangzhou Development Zone signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shenzhen Tencent Computer Systems Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tencent). Tencent will set up Tencent Digital Economy Industry Big Bay Area base in the region. Guangzhou Development Zone cooperates with Tencent to build a platform of "prohibition, PHB", especially to organize more than 3000 regulatory enterprises, more than 250 enterprises to build projects, as well as related housing construction, urban management, data such as environmental protection is fully integrated into one module to achieve window zero switching and true data fusion.

If you gently slide your fingers, you can "visit" every corner of the exhibition hall at 360 degrees. The product details can be seen clearly. There are also online shopping guide explanations, as if you were in real reality...... Recently, the 127th canton fair was held online for the first time. Guangdong Kangyun technology, from Guangzhou development zone, customization "cloud booth" for many participating enterprises in the Canton Fair, making businessmen feel very novel.

Guangzhou Huangpu District Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, together with Kangyun technology and China Mobile, jointly launched the "cloud on Baijia Press Enterprises" plan for the science and technology war epidemic, using AI, 5G and 3D technologies to move the actual scene 1:1 online, the real exhibition halls and production lines of enterprises were made into "3D business cards for enterprises", which reshaped the new development model of enterprises during the epidemic.

V1 industrial internet learned that, as early as last year, Guangzhou development zone introduced the first district-level industrial internet special policy and detailed rules for its implementation in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan district. Currently, the district gathers nearly Baijia press of industrial internet capacity providers, among them, 43 enterprises are included in the industrial internet ecological supply resource pool of Guangdong province, which accounts for about 15% of the whole province, forming an industrial internet platform system of cluster development and complementary advantages.

During the epidemic, Guangzhou development zone united with the industrial internet platform to mobilize supply chain resources, rapidly mobilized the supply chain resources of more than 2 million industrial enterprises nationwide, and provided online collaborative cloud work, Cloud procurement, collaborative manufacturing and toll-free service, greatly reduces the enterprise R & D and production time cost. Taking the application of 5G as an example, Guangzhou development zone United three major operators to build nearly 3000 5G base stations, initially forming a new infrastructure network system based on 5G and industrial internet, it has also gathered over 90 companies including Jingxin Telecom and its related companies and become the high-end 5G manufacturing cluster in Guangzhou. In terms of block chain apps, Guangzhou development zone has gathered 338 block chain enterprises, giving birth to the country's first block chain electronic invoice and the first enterprise business license handled through the "block chain + AI" platform, break out a new path for blockchain development.