The 2020 World Industrial Internet Industry Conference Will Be Held in Qingdao on September 20-21
2020-09-09 374

On September 8, V1 Industrial Internet reporter learned from a press conference held by Qingdao Municipal Peoples government news office that 2020 World Industrial Internet industry conference will be held in Qingdao International Conference Center from September 20-21.

According to V1 Industrial Internet reporter understands, this year's conference will focus on the innovative practice in various fields of industrial internet, with the theme of "platform casting soul and industry building foundation" and discuss accelerating the promotion of a new generation of information technology under the strategic background of "double circulation, major topics such as the integration and development of modern service industry and manufacturing industry, the promotion of the fundamental change in production mode and industrial form of the manufacturing industry, the construction of a new type of industrial ecosystem supported by the platform, and the re-alteration of the new power of industrial transformation and upgrading under.

According to Bian Cheng, Party secretary and director of Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, this year's conference will open the opening ceremony, Theme Report, achievement release, parallel theme forum, District Forum and other sections to invite Li bacon, kong Hanning and other domestic and foreign well-known academicians, experts from well-known think tanks, universities, research institutes, and international well-known enterprise executives attended the meeting.

In combination with major decision-making arrangements such as Qingdao sending cadres to Shenzhen, Shanghai experience and training and Jiaodong Peninsula integration development, the conference will invite Shenzhen Industrial Internet Industry Association, Shanghai Industrial Internet Association, qingdao industrial Internet Industry Alliance and five municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology of Jiaodong held relevant activities respectively, sharing industrial ecological resources. Themed talents, finance, media, and 5G, relevant forums will be held to help build the capital of the industrial internet.

In addition, each district and city of Qingdao will actively prepare for the Forum of each district and city in this conference. Bian Cheng introduced that each district and city is the main battle area for the development of industrial internet in Qingdao. Each district and city of Qingdao will base on their own industrial features and advantages, subregional forums.

According to V1 industrial internet journalist, the conference will develop 5G Live APP, which adopts a more innovative and timely communication form, to achieve "thousands of people in the same group, tens of thousands of people online". After the meeting, the conference live APP will serve as a conference live platform in the industrial internet field, link global ecological resources, improve the stickiness of effective user groups, and promote new technologies, new applications, new models and new formats of industrial interconnection.