National First Copper Foil Industry 5G Industrial Internet Smart Factory Results Released
2020-09-11 26

According to V1 industrial internet reporters, Jiangxi Yingtan High-Tech Zone recently held a 5G + industrial internet application results display conference and a strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony. Yingtan municipal standing committee, deputy mayor Wang Xiong, vice general manager of China Mobile Jiangxi company Xu haigao, Yingtan high-tech Zone Party committee secretary Li Weiguo, and Yingtan high-tech zone management committee director Yang Peng attended the conference.

Wang Xiong said that the exploration and practice of "5G + industrial internet" conforms to the requirements and direction of the deep integration of the new generation of information technology and the real economy. The strategic cooperation agreement signed this time covers five aspects, such as industrial internet top-level design planning cooperation, Enterprise smart factory transformation, 5G network construction cooperation, Application Benchmark Building, and Project Project reporting, marks that the industrial development of the Yingtan high-tech zone will enter a new era of 5G. It is hoped that the Yingtan high-tech zone will rely on its outstanding advantages to promote the evolution of traditional manufacturing enterprises into "5G digital workshops" and "5G intelligent factories. The Yingtan Municipal Committee and the municipal government will fully support the high-tech Zone to build a National 5G + Industrial Internet demonstration park.

Xu Gao said, Yingtan city high-tech Industrial Development Zone is the wisdom city of pacesetters, is the world's copper of the main battlefield, is innovation and entrepreneurship of the new heights. Yingtan high-tech zone took advantage of the Yingtan 03 special project pilot to actively promote the development of 5G + Industrial Internet integration and the transfer and transformation of 03 special results, and to build 5G + Puhua Yingyan drone, A number of achievements such as 5G + Xinbo Rui smart factory have contributed to the on-site meeting of the province's industrial strong provinces to be held in Yingtan, providing high-tech support for the high-quality development of Yingtan.

According to V1 industrial internet reporters, yingtan high-tech zone attaches great importance to the industrial development of the Internet of Things and the transfer and transformation of 03 special results, in May this year, the strategic cooperation framework agreement on digital economy and the construction of 5G application demonstration park was successfully signed with Yingtan branch of Jiangxi company of China Mobile Communications Group. On this basis, strengthen the cooperation of "production, study and research", and develop extensive cooperation and exploration with Yingtan Internet of Things Research Center of CICT, Nanchang University, Jiangxi mobile and other enterprises, major breakthroughs have been made in the field of 5G + industrial internet.

As the highlight of this conference, the Yingtan high-tech zone has released China's first application results of 5G + industrial internet wisdom factory in copper foil industry, with a new generation of information technology as its path and refined management as its means, aiming at reducing cost and improving efficiency, the company has built intelligent factories with perception, automatic control and intelligent decision-making, and realized four new achievements of new technology, new idea, new application and new model.

V1 Industrial Internet reporter learned that, at the meeting, the Yingtan high-tech Zone Management Committee and Jiangxi mobile signed a strategic cooperation of 5G + industrial internet. The two sides will cooperate in industrial internet, 03 special, 5G applications and other fields to build local standardization and sustainability, the harmonious and win-win industrial environment continues to drive the transformation and upgrading of local traditional industries, promote the digital transformation of social economy, highlight the bright spot of Yingtan industrial economy development, and show the high-quality leapfrog development achievements of Yingtan industrial economy.

At the meeting, Nanchang University, Jiangxi mobile Yingtan branch and Yingtan city Terre Internet of Things Research Center, together with Jiangxi Xinbo Rui Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Zhongqing Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., Jiang SEA WAVE Zhengbang Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd, puhua Yingyan Technology Development Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement with 5G + Smart Factory, 5G + UAV, 5G + smart agriculture and 5G + Internet UAV platform, it will strive to seize the development opportunity of 5G + industrial IoT, build a solid foundation for the 5G industrial ecosystem, and actively help the construction of a smart new city in Yingtan city.