Three Minutes to Understand -- What Are the Connotations, Hotspots and Difficulties of Industrial Internet?
2020-09-24 5694

Nowadays, all kinds of industries are developing to internet in this era, mainly because the emergence of the Internet has brought great convenience to people's life and work. But for industrial enterprises, they pay more attention to the industrial internet, so what are the connotation, hot spots and difficulties of the industrial internet? Next, let's learn about it with V1 industrial internet.

The relationship between intelligent manufacturing and industrial internet

again, clearly explain the relationship between intelligent manufacturing and industrial internet. Intelligent manufacturing is committed to the realization of the intelligence of the whole manufacturing value chain, and the promotion of intelligent manufacturing needs many enabling technologies. Among them, the industrial internet is the key infrastructure to realize intelligent manufacturing, or the key enabling technology. The industrial internet is the necessary condition and cornerstone for intelligent manufacturing to realize its due value and let enterprises truly benefit from it.

Industrial internet connected what

as mentioned above, the industrial internet is the network of industrial interconnection, and the core of industrial internet is industrial interconnection. So, what do you want to connect? Including all kinds of equipment, products, customers, business processes, employees, orders and information systems of the enterprise, and finally connect data, and must realize safe and reliable connection! Industrial big data is collected by the industrial internet, using big data analysis methods or artificial intelligence technology to analyze data, analyze the results, and then display the data, interpret the connotation of the data, and then realize optimization and control, so as to realize data drive and ultimately help enterprises to improve product quality, optimize equipment operation performance, reduce energy consumption, optimize product performance, improve customer satisfaction, and improve enterprise profitability, business objectives such as shortening the product listing cycle.

Therefore, the industrial internet supports intelligent manufacturing, and intelligent manufacturing supports enterprises to achieve business goals. Industrial internet is closely related to intelligent manufacturing. They want to benefit others first, but they cannot confuse industrial internet with intelligent manufacturing.

The industrial Internet platform is the product of the integration of the Internet of Things and the industrial cloud platform.

Industrial cloud platforms are in the IT category, while industrial internet platforms are based on the integration of IT and OT. Therefore, the top three layers of the industrial internet platform architecture are similar to the industrial cloud platform, but an edge layer is added below.

V1 industrial internet: typical industrial cloud applications include building a simulated cloud platform, supporting high-performance computing, and realizing effective utilization and scalability of computing resources; SaaS-based 3D part library to improve product development efficiency; cloud-based CRM application service can effectively manage marketing business and personnel and realize mobile applications; Cloud-based collaborative office platform; E-commerce of industrial products, sourcing of procurement, etc.

Industrial internet platforms focus on solving problems related to industrial equipment, industrial products and industrial services, based on sensors and the internet of things. Typical industrial internet applications include: realizing the information sharing among manufacturing enterprises, the third party logistics and customers through transportation cloud, improving the load rate of vehicles back and forth and realizing the whole process monitoring of cold chain logistics; develop e-business service through accurate positioning of equipment; Collect real-time information of equipment, production, energy consumption, quality, etc. of the factory to realize real-time monitoring of the factory; equipment manufacturers can collect equipment status through the internet of things, and conduct remote monitoring and fault diagnosis of equipment to avoid unplanned downtime of equipment, thus realizing predictive maintenance, providing value-added services and promoting sales of spare parts.

Differences in industrial internet platforms

in the recently released industrial internet white paper, many popular industrial internet platforms were introduced. However, in fact, different industrial internet platforms vary greatly in functional characteristics, positioning, operation mode, deployment mode and maturity.

At present, the industrial internet platforms on the market mainly support single applications, such as remote operation and maintenance of devices, which is likely to form island platforms in the future.

Industrial internet platform development should be clearly divided

at present, the main body of industrial internet platform in our country has not only industrial software enterprises, but also internet of things enterprises, Internet companies and manufacturing enterprises. In fact, there should be a clear division of labor to jointly build a healthy ecosystem of China's industrial Internet, instead of many homogeneous platforms.

For manufacturing enterprises, it is necessary to select the industrial internet platform, apply industrial APP that meets the business needs of enterprises on the platform, and develop certain APP that meets the personalized needs of enterprises on this basis. For the industry leader, they can operate the industrial internet platform to support the intelligent manufacturing of enterprises on the basis of realizing the interconnection within and among enterprises, and achieve cross-enterprise collaborative manufacturing and industry-oriented industrial chain collaboration.

The 5G era is coming, which will greatly promote the development of industrial internet. The growth of Internet bandwidth. The development of sensing technology, the rapid improvement of computing and storage capabilities, and the transformation of IT architecture to components and microservices will drive the wide application of industrial internet. However, it is not easy to transform traditional software into services, and data acquisition and interconnection of old devices still require high costs and time. Therefore, there is still a long way to go before the industrial internet can be truly popularized.

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