One-Minute Interpretation: Zhongguancun Issued Seven Market Application Support Policies for First-Created Products
2020-09-29 3484

Recently, V1 industrial internet research institute learned that in order to solve the difficulty in entering the market for the first time and promote the R & D and industrialization of Zhongguancun international and domestic pioneer technology products, at the 2020 Zhongguancun Forum press conference, zhai Lixin, deputy secretary and director of the party group of the Zhongguancun Management Committee, issued several measures to promote the application of the Zhongguancun Pioneer product market.

Several measures defines first-created products and their first entry into the market, and supports the whole chain of first-created products to enter the market, mainly including seven aspects.

First, establish and improve the first product testing and evaluation system in Zhongguancun. Formulate the evaluation method of the first-created product, release the Directory of the first-created product, and test and evaluate the first-created product based on resources such as various innovation platforms and open labs in Zhongguancun.

The second is to strengthen the formulation and promotion of relevant standards for Zhongguancun's first-created products. Promote the formulation of standards related to the first product, accelerate the formation of group standards, industry standards, national standards and international standards, and strengthen the promotion and implementation of relevant standards.

Third, support Zhongguancun's first product to enter the market for the first time. According to the proportion of not exceeding 30% of the contract amount for entering the market for the first time, capital support will be given to the R & D unit of the first-created product. The maximum subsidy for international first-created products is 2 million yuan, and the maximum subsidy for domestic first-created products is 1 million yuan.

The fourth is to establish a compensation mechanism for Zhongguancun's first product insurance. The first product R & D unit will be given insurance premium subsidy support, according to the proportion of 80% of the insurance premium invested, and each enterprise's support fund will not exceed 1 million yuan per year.

The fifth is to promote the application of the first product. Around the key areas of Beijing's key construction projects and government-invested projects, relying on online platforms such as Zhongguancun new technology product display and promotion, supply and demand docking platform, cloud exhibition hall, as well as supply and demand docking, exhibition display, Forum activities, offline activities such as the launch of new products and regional cooperation promote the expansion of the market of the first product.

Six is to promote international exchanges and cooperation among the first product enterprises. Support enterprises with first-created products to hold international conferences and participate in important overseas exhibitions in Beijing or overseas, provide financial support for projects that meet the support conditions, and promote the expansion of international markets of first-created products.

The seventh is the capital Product financing support. Support the innovative development of enterprises with initial products through financing guarantee, financing leasing, and other methods. According to 40% of the actual loan interest, the discount support is given to enterprises of the first product, and the annual interest subsidy for each enterprise's single credit product financing is no more than 500,000 yuan. (V1 Industrial Internet Research Institute: