National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and Ministry of Finance: Seize the Opportunity of Industrial Development and Deepen the Construction of Industrial Internet Pl
2020-10-09 4319

According to V1 industrial internet report: recently, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Finance and other four departments jointly issued the Guiding Opinions on expanding investment in strategic emerging industries and cultivating a strong new growth pole (hereinafter referred to as the guiding opinions), put forward 20 key development directions and related support policies to point out the direction for the next step to accelerate the construction of a modern industrial system and promote high-quality economic development. As a product of the integration and development of the new generation of information technology and manufacturing industry, the industrial internet platform will provide important support for creating new economic growth points in this process.

Industrial internet platform accelerates the cultivation of new momentum for enterprise transformation and development

(1) industrial internet platforms are conducive to tapping the potential of enterprise data

data has become a crucial new production factor in this round of digital economy development, penetrating into all aspects and fields of production and life. The industrial Internet platform connects down to a large number of industrial devices and connects up to industrial apps for various industrial scenarios. It carries industrial experience and knowledge models and is a ubiquitous connection that supports resources, an industrial data hub with elastic supply and efficient configuration is conducive to enterprises to continuously explore the potential value of data, optimize resource allocation, and form a closed loop of "description-Diagnosis-prediction-decision" data circulation.

(2) industrial internet platforms help deepen enterprise technology applications

with the continuous cluster innovation of technologies such as 5G, VR/AR, and IoT, industries such as cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence are developing rapidly. The industrial Internet platform can provide basic tools, data support, and security guarantee for the migration and implementation of emerging technologies in the industrial field, helping to promote the formation of an integrated innovation system with mutual promotion and iteration of technological breakthroughs and application implementation, further release the superposition effect, linkage effect and overflow effect of the development of technology clusters, providing strong support for enterprises to deepen the new generation of information technology applications.

(3) industrial internet platforms are conducive to accelerating enterprise integration and innovation.

As an important component of the new infrastructure, the industrial internet platform promotes two-way empowerment of the platform through open cooperation, fully integrates innovative resources such as technology, talents and equipment, and increases internal and external cooperation opportunities of enterprises, accelerating the construction of a production innovation system with R & D collaboration, production intelligence, and flat management is conducive to the formation of new models such as digital management, personalized customization, network collaboration, and service extension, and strengthening industrial e-commerce, share New formats such as manufacturing and modern supply chains to accelerate the development of new economic growth points.

Possible difficulties and challenges

(1) systematic risks of global economic development increase

as of September, there were more than 30 million confirmed cases of the world's new crown virus, and 38 countries with more than 100,000 confirmed cases. The global industrial chain and production order have been damaged to some extent. Factory closure, enterprise bankruptcy, labor shortage, and insufficient supply of raw materials have affected the normal operation of the global economy, it also makes the production and operation of domestic enterprises face challenges. Industrial internet platform solutions need to invest a lot of capital, personnel, etc. during implementation. The decrease in income will compress the resource space for platform development, which is not conducive to industrial development and growth.

(Ii) increasing uncertainties in international industrial cooperation

at present, the development environment at home and abroad is undergoing profound changes, with the rise of unilateral and protectionism, and the continuous disturbance of the mechanism of bilateral cooperation by individual countries, accelerating the changes of great changes that have not been seen in a hundred years, the future prospect of global industrial technical cooperation is not clear. At the present stage, industrial internet platforms in our country are closely cooperated with international enterprises. About 50% of industrial PaaS platforms adopt foreign open-source architectures, and more than 90% of enterprises use high-end industrial software such as CAD, CAE, PLM, etc. of European and American enterprises, it is urgent to speed up research breakthroughs in key core technologies to make up for the short development of the platform.

(3) insufficient promotion power for new models and new formats

on the one hand, some traditional industrial enterprises do not have a deep understanding of the industrial internet platform, lack independent and innovative Internet thinking and entrepreneurial spirit, and have a wait-and-see attitude towards exploring new models and new business forms. On the other hand, a unified capability evaluation standard has not yet been formed for new models and new business forms, and there is a lack of scientific and quantitative evaluation methods for the efficiency and efficiency of manufacturing enterprises applying the industrial internet platform, which hinders the further application and promotion of the platform.

The five-point proposal

(1) strengthen demonstration guidance and accelerate platform construction and promotion

first, we will continue to carry out pilot demonstration, select a number of innovative platform solutions and a number of high-value industrial apps, improve the platform supply capacity, and accelerate the creation of an internationally influential industrial internet platform. The second is to guide leading enterprises of the platform to continuously open up key resources such as talents, technologies, and equipment, provide online and open-source integrated R & D environments for small and medium enterprises, and accelerate the establishment of a platform system that is nested, integrated, and innovative. Third, guide manufacturing enterprises to accelerate the migration of key equipment and core business to the cloud, and promote the rapid popularization of industrial internet platforms from point to line to side.

(2) strengthen evaluation and diagnosis, and deepen model innovation

first, develop an evaluation framework for the industrial internet platform development index, and build a comprehensive industrial Internet monitoring and analysis platform system covering the country, industry, and regions. The second is to accelerate the construction of indexed products for industrial internet development, develop and publish a solution map and a whitelist of service providers, and evaluate the development performance of industrial internet platforms. The third is to lead the innovation of model formats through standard construction, accelerate the cultivation of new models and formats such as digital management, intelligent production, network collaboration, personalized customization, and service extension.

(3) strengthen collaboration and linkage to build a high land for industrial development

first, encourage qualified places to continuously accelerate the construction of industrial internet platform application innovation centers and integrate innovative resources and industry needs of local industrial internet platforms. The second is to build a public service platform system that connects supply and demand of platform solutions and promotes results to improve quality service supply. The third is to promote the construction of industrial internet demonstration zones, strengthen the standardization of the declaration, review, creation and evaluation of demonstration zones, and improve the management level of demonstration zones.

(4) accelerate technical research and consolidate the foundation of platform construction

the first is to formulate a technical industry map of the industrial internet platform, carry out collaborative research on the technical shortcomings such as protocol analysis, edge computing, and industrial mechanism model, and promote the development of key software and hardware of the platform. The second is to give full play to the bridge and tie role of the industry alliance, promote cooperation among industry enterprises, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, and carry out joint technical research. Third, guide enterprises to accelerate the implementation of the Data Management Capability Maturity Model (DCMM) to improve the data security assurance capability.

(5) deepening integrated development and improving the ecosystem of industrial development

first, deepen cooperation in industry and finance, encourage social capital to participate in the construction and investment of industrial internet platforms, and explore the construction of local industrial funds for industrial internet. The second is to continuously promote the cultivation of "New Engineering", speed up the establishment of the industrial internet school-enterprise cooperation and the combination of production and education, carry out the industrial internet developer competition, and build a multi-level and compound industrial internet talent team. The third is to gather industry consensus, unify social understanding, and create a good atmosphere for industrial internet development by holding on-site meetings and conducting in depth.

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