Good News, Chang'an Mould Enterprise Advanced Manufacturing Ability Evaluation Reward Is Coming!
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Good news, Chang'an mould enterprise advanced manufacturing ability evaluation reward is coming!

According to the notice spirit of "Chang'an town Special Fund management measures for accelerating industrial transformation and upgrading,

mold enterprises participating in advanced manufacturing capability evaluation

up to 100,000 rewards


The evaluation of advanced manufacturing capability of mold enterprises is jointly conducted by China Quality Certification Center and National mold product quality supervision and inspection center, V1 industrial internet ( launched, China's first third-party evaluation on the manufacturing capacity level of mold manufacturing enterprises. In 2021, the mold enterprises in Chang'an town who participated in the evaluation will continue to receive the corresponding Star Awards, with the highest reward Kanda 100,000. Besides subsidies, are there any other benefits?


Don't worry, let's take a look at the awards of enterprises participating in the evaluation in previous years.


Review of selection in previous years


From 2016 to 2020, there were 43 mold enterprises participating in the first evaluation and star-level promotion, and they obtained star-level certificates and plaques issued by China Quality Certification Center, and Chang'an town government issued corresponding star-level rewards.


v1 industrial internet, advanced manufacturing capability evaluation certificate of mold enterprises

(Participating in the evaluation of the star certificate and plaque issued by the enterprise)

v1 industrial internet, evaluation of advanced manufacturing capability of mold enterprises in Dongguan City

(Gu Liwen, director of Dongguan quality inspection center, issued a certificate for the enterprise)



v1 industrial internet, advanced manufacturing capability evaluation certificate of mold enterprises

dongguan Baoxun plastic mould Co., Ltd. 5-Star

received 100,000 yuan subsidy

there are many award-winning enterprises, which are listed in countless ways.



Chang'an town mold enterprises quickly sign up for the evaluation!

Certified income

the enterprise has obtained an objective, fair and comprehensive evaluation certificate of the existing manufacturing capability by a third-party authoritative certification institution;

it is convenient for customers to purchase accurately, shorten the decision-making process and reduce transaction costs;

guide fair competition and win by quality;

promote enterprise brand value appreciation;

selected in the evaluation catalogue of advanced manufacturing capability of Chinese mold enterprises.



With a lot of benefits, enterprises can sign up for the evaluation in the following ways.

Registration method:

registration Method 1: click the article the picture at the end, long press to identify the QR code, submit your contact information and have someone to follow up.

Registration Method 2: telephone Contact

mr. Jiang: 15622954158

mr. Chen: 13926897666




What dimensions of field assessment and evaluation enterprises?


Participating in the evaluation mould enterprise, after 7 review processes, accept on-site assessment and evaluation in 6 dimensions.


7 review processes

certification Application-> document review-> sample test-> on-site verification-> expert evaluation-> Result Report-> issue certificate

v1 industrial internet, flow chart of evaluation of manufacturing capability of mould factory


6 Assessment dimensions


1. General situation of the enterprise: including 10 indicators such as market and strategy, social responsibility and quality management;

2. Enterprise qualification and past achievements: from enterprise honor, high-tech enterprise qualification, scientific research achievements and patent situation;

3. Equipment: set 6 to 8 evaluation indexes according to different mold categories (Die I/II, die-casting mold, mould for plastics I/II, etc.) to evaluate the equipment capability;

4. Intelligent manufacturing: evaluation from the aspects of intelligent production scheduling, workshop intelligence and robotics automation

5. Software: evaluate from the aspects of production, project, design, secondary opening of design software, forming analysis software, etc;

6. Personnel ability: evaluate the competency level of skilled workers and engineers.

v1 industrial internet, mold advanced manufacturing capability model

(Mold advanced manufacturing capability model)



Application for election

mode One

telephone Contact

jiang Sheng: 15622954158

chen Sheng: 13926897666


Mode 2

click the following figure and press long to identify

submit the registration information, and contact the person to connect

v1 industrial internet, mold enterprise registration submission



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introduction to Advanced Manufacturing Capability Evaluation of mold enterprises:

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