"Industrial Interconnection, Smart Future"-Chang'an Town Industrial Internet Incubation Exchange Meeting
2021-11-10 240

On October 26th, Chang'an town Economic Development Bureau jointly weiyi Industrial Internet Technology Co., Ltd. Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. and Dongguan Changan high-tech industry association held an industrial internet incubation exchange meeting in Dongguan industrial intelligent manufacturing exhibition hall.

(On-site Exchange Meeting)

mai Ruijun, deputy director of Chang'an Economic Development Bureau, Fan Xiaowei, chairman of Weiyi industrial internet and Mo canwei, senior vice president of Weiyi industrial internet, the heads and working groups of Huawei Dongguan industrial internet base and representatives of 30 enterprises in Chang'an town attended the meeting.

(Ma Ruijun, deputy director of Chang'an Economic Development Bureau, delivered a speech)

at the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Mai Ruijun, deputy director of Chang'an town Economic Development Bureau, mentioned in his speech that the 14th Five-Year Plan provided the best reference for industrial digitization, hoping that all enterprises could seize the opportunity and cooperate with the government, enterprise platforms and industry associations jointly draw digital blueprints to provide driving force for the digital transformation of enterprises in Chang'an town.

This meeting also hopes that entrepreneurs can devote themselves to digital construction, improve their intelligent manufacturing capabilities, promote the common growth of the industry and build a strong industrial chain in China.

(Fan Xiaowei, chairman of Weiyi industrial internet, delivered a speech)

mr. Fan Xiaowei, chairman of Weiyi industrial internet, expressed his own views. As an entrepreneur with national complex, Weiyi industrial internet hopes to build an international platform, we will do our best to make Chinese international enterprises go global.

Chairman Fan Xiaowei, regarding the low efficiency and low value industrial production system of domestic manufacturing enterprises at present, the Chinese foreign trade enterprises in international trade compete with each other at low prices, hovering in the low-end and medium-end industrial chains, to Germany, japan's highly automated, digital and efficient industrial production system cannot form competitive advantages to share.

At the same time, it is suggested that domestic enterprises follow the policy orientation of the country. On the one hand, they should strengthen their scientific and technological innovation capabilities and maximize their products. On the other hand, they should aggregate resources and form synergy with each other, accelerate the pace of automatic production and digital operation of enterprises.

At the end of the speech, Chairman Fan Xiaowei introduced the background and concept of the birth of Weiyi industrial internet platform. Weiyi industrial internet platform is committed to building the Mold Industry ecology and helping domestic enterprises to adopt digital and automated methods, improve efficiency on the production side, marketing side and server side, and enhance the international competitive advantage of Chinese enterprises.

(Mr. Mo canwei, senior vice president of Weiyi industrial internet, preached)

at the meeting, Mr. Mo canwei, senior vice president of Weiyi, gave a brief introduction to Weiyi industrial internet. It is the future development trend that industrial internet empowers traditional mold manufacturing enterprises. Weiyi industrial internet uses information technology and internet platform, give full play to the optimization and integration role of the Internet in the allocation of production factors, realize the deep integration of the Internet and industrial enterprises in the global vertical mold industry chain, and help realize the digital transformation and upgrading of the industry.

(Mr. He Liang, Huawei cloud industry director, preached)

digital transformation is a common topic of "high quality" development in various fields. He Liang, director of Huawei cloud industry, introduced Huawei's relying on manufacturing ecosystem platform and capabilities with Huawei industrial internet as the theme, through the opening of cloud services and the output of digital transformation experience, we are committed to promoting the digital transformation of manufacturing enterprises, so as to help enterprises realize open and transparent production, build intelligent and efficient management platforms, and build new digital factories.

(Group photo after the meeting)
(Visit the National mold product quality supervision and inspection center after the meeting)