Die Digitization Strategy Research and Practice Case Sharing Meeting
2021-11-26 611

On the afternoon of November 25, a sharing activity with the theme of "research on mold digitization strategy and sharing of practical cases" was held in Dongguan industrial intelligent manufacturing exhibition hall.

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the sharing meeting was hosted by Dongguan Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, organized by Dongguan Digital Industry Association and Guangdong Weiyi Industrial Internet Technology Co., Ltd, national mold product quality inspection center and Dongguan hardware machinery Mold Industry Association co-organized.

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huang Jianfeng, secretary general of Dongguan Digital Industry Association, Fan Xiaowei, chairman of V1 industrial internet, Mo canwei, senior vice president of V1 industrial internet, one of the founders of the listed company Yichang mold and deputy director of the digital letter Committee of China Mold Industry Association Chun-ming Wu, he Liang, the industry director of Huawei cloud, the academic leader of materials direction of mold national inspection center, Wu Zhenghuan, a postdoctoral fellow of Dongguan South China technology, and representatives of several entrepreneurs attended the sharing meeting.

(Huang Jianfeng, secretary general of Dongguan Digital Industry Association)

at the beginning of the sharing meeting, Mr. Huang Jianfeng, secretary general of Dongguan Digital Industry Association, mentioned in his speech, "if enterprises in Dongguan do not focus on digital transformation, five years later, enterprises in Dongguan will lose their competitiveness". Digital transformation is a production factor centered on data. In the future, we should conduct data-based, networked, intelligent and step by step on the basis of automation.

(V1 industrial internet chairman Fan Xiaowei)

V1 Mr. Fan Xiaowei, chairman of industrial internet, also expressed his three views on the issue of digital transformation-Business digitization, namely order digitization, supply chain digitization, procurement digitization and factory digitization, using digitization, from "actively looking for customers" to "attracting customers actively looking for us", the supply chain data is transparent and the transaction efficiency of the mold industry is improved.

(V1 industrial internet senior vice president Mo canwei)

mr. Mo canwei, senior vice president of V1 industrial internet, introduced how V1 industrial internet can empower manufacturing industry through digitization. V1 industrial internet uses information technology and internet platform to give full play to the optimization and integration role of Internet in the allocation of production factors, get through the data of upstream and downstream industrial chains, and help mold industrial enterprises to realize the digital transformation and upgrading of the industry.

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at the same time, it is suggested that domestic enterprises have the courage to embrace the digital era. Under the leadership of the national government, they closely follow the national policy orientation and actively participate in the digital transformation.

(One of the founders of the listed company Yichang mould Chun-ming Wu)

at the sharing meeting Chun-ming Wu, one of the founders of the listed company Yichang mould and deputy director of the digital letter Committee of China Mould Industry Association analyzed the challenges faced by the mould industry and faced the dilemma of the development of the mould industry, it is proposed that "only through continuous innovation and systematic establishment of competitiveness based on efficiency drive can the dilemma of the development of China's mold industry be solved". At the same time, taking mold CAE digital simulation application as an example, this paper shows how to carry out digital construction.

(He Liang, Huawei cloud industry director)

digital transformation is a common topic of "high quality" development in various fields. He Liang, director of Huawei cloud industry, introduced Huawei's relying on manufacturing ecosystem platform and capabilities with Huawei industrial internet as the theme, through the opening of cloud services and the output of digital transformation experience, we are committed to promoting the digital transformation of manufacturing enterprises, so as to help enterprises realize open and transparent production, build intelligent and efficient management platforms, and build new digital factories.

(Dr. Wu Zhenghuan, material research expert of mold National Inspection Center)

the transformation of Dongguan mould industry from "manufacturing" to "quality made" is the general trend and irreversible. Dr. Wu Zhenghuan, the academic leader of the material direction of the mold national inspection center, shared the theme of "Dongguan mold industry upgrade-from" manufacturing "to" quality made ". Through the comparison of four connotations, upgrade from factor-driven, cost-advantage, extensive manufacturing and production-oriented manufacturing made in China to quality manufacturing in China-quality made innovation-driven, benefit-oriented, green manufacturing and service-oriented manufacturing.