Notice of Dongguan Municipal People's Government Office on Printing and Distributing
2020-07-01 325

In order to thoroughly implement the decision-making arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on the work of "six stability" and "six guarantees", and fully implement the spirit of documents such as "several measures for promoting the steady growth of foreign trade in Guangdong Province, we will try our best to stabilize the basic market of foreign trade and foreign investment, accelerate the high-quality development of foreign trade and economic cooperation in the whole city, and formulate this implementation opinion in combination with the actual situation of Dongguan.
I. Stable operation and support the stable development of foreign trade enterprises
(I) stabilize the production capacity of processing trade enterprises. If the core technology and key equipment imported by processing trade enterprises are supported by national and provincial interest subsidies, they shall be supported by 1:0.2. Provide discount interest support of one-year loan benchmark interest rate for the import value-added tax of imported equipment under the registered capital of the enterprise in 2020. For enterprises that lease plants or equipment, carry out processing trade business for the first time, postpone the processing trade manual for more than two times (including two times), and handle processing trade procedures in different places, generally, guarantee is not required when establishing the processing trade manual, unless otherwise stipulated. Carry out the whole process of online audit and law enforcement pilot, apply the "Internet + customs" platform to deliver legal documents, transfer data and materials, video negotiation, etc., realize mutual recognition of results, and reduce the frequency of field audit and inspection. For qualified processing trade enterprises, reduce the number of factory operations and reduce the impact on the production and operation of enterprises. (Responsible units: Municipal Finance Bureau, Municipal Commerce Bureau, municipal taxation bureau, customs in Dongguan, towns, streets and parks)
(Ii) stabilize the import and export of key industries. Encourage enterprises to build overseas economic and trade cooperation zones, expand the export of large complete sets of equipment and technologies, standards and services, and enhance the coordinated development of both inside and outside industries and the export-driven effect. Focusing on emerging industries such as 5G, smart equipment, smart wearable equipment, biomedicine, and new energy, key enterprises are encouraged to seize opportunities and further expand high-tech, high-quality, such as smart phones and integrated circuits, export of high value-added products. Orderly guide qualified epidemic prevention materials production enterprises to speed up the application for medical device production qualification, increase the export of epidemic prevention materials under the premise of strictly abiding by the relevant provisions of the national medical materials export, coordinate and solve the export clearance, performance and. Set up special funds to support and encourage key enterprises and key industries to expand import and export. (Responsible units: Foreign Affairs Office of Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, municipal bureau of commerce, municipal bureau of market supervision and administration, customs office in Dongguan, Dongguan office of China credit insurance, streets and parks of various towns)
(3) stabilize the comprehensive cost of production and operation. Accelerate the implementation of relevant national, provincial and municipal policies, exempt or halve the payment of enterprise endowment insurance, unemployment insurance, basic medical insurance and work injury insurance from February to June, 2020. From 2020 nian 3 yue 1 ri to 5 yue 31 ri, small-scale taxpayer VAT levy rate by 3% reduced to 1%. If it is indeed difficult for taxpayers to pay property tax and urban land use tax due to the impact of the epidemic, they are allowed to be exempted or exempted as appropriate after the application is approved. Implement the policy of temporarily reducing the energy consumption price of enterprises during the epidemic prevention and control period. From March 1st to June 30th, 2020, the port construction fee of import and export goods will be exempted, and the port government's pricing and operation service charges will be reduced. From May 1, 2020 to August 31, 2020, the government pricing and charging standards such as cargo port fees and port facilities security fees will be reduced by 50%. Cancel the compulsory emergency response services and charges of non-oil tanker cargo ships, and strive to promote the reduction of piloting (berthing) fees. Port operators are encouraged to continue to offer discounts such as exemption and exemption of warehouse usage fees to enterprises affected by the epidemic, especially small and micro enterprises. Implement "one-stop sunshine price" for port charges, and encourage the main body of port charges to reduce customs declaration, freight forwarder, shipping agency, logistics, operating service charges in warehousing and other links. Strengthen the inspection and rectification of issues such as illegal and arbitrary charges in the import and export links of ports, non-standard clearly marked prices, and non-substantive service charges. (Responsible units: Municipal Development and Reform Bureau, municipal finance bureau, Municipal Transportation Bureau, Municipal Commerce Bureau, Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, municipal medical security bureau, municipal taxation bureau, Dongguan Maritime Bureau, customs in Dongguan, Binhai Bay New District Management Committee)
(Iv) stabilize the operation of industrial chain supply chain. Promote the deep connection between supply chain enterprises and manufacturing enterprises, make full use of policy dividends such as supply chain innovation and application pilot and cross-Strait cold chain logistics industry cooperation pilot, and increase the reserves of key imported raw materials and components needed by enterprises for production, ensure the stability and security of the supply chain. Centering on Dongguan's industrial characteristics and supply chain innovation direction, relying on platforms such as the six-party alliance, actively promote the innovation pilot of supply chain financial platform, support the establishment of supply chain financial companies, and promote the construction of supply chain financial service platform system, integrate upstream and downstream resources of the supply chain to enhance the right of speech to the global supply chain. (Responsible units: Municipal Finance Bureau, Municipal Commerce Bureau, municipal finance bureau, customs in Dongguan, Binhai Bay New District Management Committee, relevant town streets and parks)
(V) strengthen financial credit support. Guide banking institutions to continuously increase credit support for foreign trade enterprises, implement the national special re-loan policy, and make full use of the financing risk compensation fund pool for processing trade enterprises set up by the provincial government, establish a "green channel" for granting credit and disbursing loans to high-quality foreign trade enterprises, improve the efficiency of examination and approval, and guide processing trade enterprises to actively declare unsecured preferential interest rate loans. Encourage insurance companies and banking institutions to launch financing services such as insurance policy loans, implement the financing support policy of "trade and finance" small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises, and guide banking institutions to make good use of the funds of the People's Bank of China's small reloans and rediscounting policy, increase financing support for foreign trade enterprises, especially small and micro enterprises. Relax the financing threshold of supply chain of foreign trade enterprises, solve problems such as guarantee, and strive to reduce the comprehensive financing cost of new loans to foreign trade enterprises that meet the conditions of inclusive small and micro enterprises by 0.5% year on year in 2020. Implement the policy of temporary deferred repayment of principal and interest for loans of small, medium and micro foreign trade enterprises, and encourage banking institutions to appropriately improve the tolerance of non-performing loans to small and micro foreign trade enterprises. Make good use of loan risk compensation funds for small, medium and micro enterprises, and guide pilot banks to strengthen loan support for whitelist enterprises. Use Import and Export Bank Guangdong branch arrangements of not less than 10 billion yuan to tackle-special loans, extra-large general electromechanical and high-tech products such as export seller's credit support. (Responsible units: Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, municipal bureau of commerce, municipal bureau of finance, Dongguan Zhongzhi branch of People's Bank of China, Dongguan Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau, Dongguan office of China credit insurance, streets and parks of various towns)
II. Expand the market and improve the quality and efficiency of foreign trade
(Vi) diversified development of international market. Encourage enterprises to establish modes such as public overseas warehouses, warehousing and logistics bases to supply nearby, and stabilize the traditional market share in Europe and America. Support the construction of industrial parks with countries along the Belt and Road, actively promote the development mode of overseas brand exhibition and sales centers, strive to add 1-2 domestic and overseas exhibition and sales centers every year, and promote enterprises to "go out" together ", form a sales network covering major global markets and key domestic regions, build a regional brand of" made in Dongguan "and broaden the sales channels of Dongguan goods. (Responsible units: municipal bureau of commerce, municipal bureau of science and technology, Municipal Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Songshan Lake Management Committee)
(7) smooth international logistics channels. Actively promote the construction of Guangdong (Shilong) railway international logistics base and Changping Railway freight station, strengthen the cultivation and support of China-Europe trains, strive to bring the international trains of Changping Railway freight station into the scope of China-Europe trains, increase the frequency density of China-Europe trains and expand the coverage. Strengthen the work connection with China Europe train operation platform companies and related enterprises, promote the normal transportation of international mail express and cross-border e-commerce products through China Europe train, and steadily promote the operation of import trains. Deepen the strategic cooperation with Hong Kong Airport Authority and accelerate the implementation of "Hong Kong-Dongguan International Airport Center. Open up the "green channel" of shipping and transportation of Dongguan port, fully guarantee the smooth transportation of key materials such as soybean, grain and oil, petroleum and other materials for production and living, give priority to the arrangement of entering and leaving the port, and allow the advanced port to go through the examination. (Responsible units: Municipal Finance Bureau, municipal bureau of commerce, customs in Dongguan, Binhai Bay New District Management Committee, relevant town streets and parks)
(8) increase the speed of export tax rebate. For all export products except "two high and one capital", the tax rebate shall be handled in a timely manner according to the prescribed tax rebate rate. Continue to optimize the approval process of tax refund declaration, ensure that the examination and approval will be completed within 5 working days, and relieve the financial pressure of enterprises. Actively strive for the tax rebate index from the superior tax department to meet the tax rebate demand of Dongguan export enterprises to the greatest extent, so as to achieve full refund and quick refund. Accelerate the improvement of the facilitation level of export tax rebate, and expand the scope of online paperless declaration to all export enterprises during the epidemic period. All export tax rebate businesses can be declared by providing electronic data, and there is no need to submit paper materials for the time being. (Responsible unit: Municipal Taxation Bureau)
(9) expand the coverage of export credit insurance. Expand the scale and coverage of export credit insurance, increase the support for brand products, service trade, international marketing network, foreign trade comprehensive service enterprises, etc, enterprise export credit insurance of the related insurance-financing scale up to a maximum of 50%, each enterprise annual maximum grants forehead to 1 million yuan. Encourage insurance companies to appropriately reduce the short-term credit insurance rate on the premise of controllable risks, and promote the city's short-term export credit insurance to cover more than 3500 enterprises. Give full play to the functions of export credit insurance to increase and distribute insurance, and encourage enterprises to use export credit insurance policies to handle financing loans. (Responsible units: municipal bureau of finance, municipal bureau of commerce, municipal bureau of finance, Dongguan Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau, China credit insurance Dongguan office, towns streets and parks)
(10) deepen the reform of intelligent customs clearance. Give full play to the role of "single window" in international trade, actively guide enterprises to use "single window" to handle import and export business, and promote small and micro enterprises to handle free export credit insurance policy through "single window. Comprehensively expand the pilot scope of "two-step Declaration" and "two-stage access", deepen the 24-hour intelligent customs clearance reform of maritime ports, and extend it to pilot maritime terminals and cross-border e-commerce operating sites in Dongguan area, select pilot docks to try out "direct lifting of imported goods" without inspection and "direct loading of exported goods" at Port ". Promote and improve the fault-tolerant mechanism of "declaration in advance", encourage and support enterprises to adopt the mode of "declaration in advance", handle document review and cargo transportation in advance, and release the goods after the non-controlled inspection goods arrive at the port. Increase the application of high-tech equipment such as container empty container detector and HD vehicle bottom detection system, improve the equipment allocation rate of individual operation, and comprehensively improve the customs clearance time. (Responsible units: Municipal Finance Bureau, municipal bureau of commerce, customs in Dongguan, Binhai Bay New District Management Committee, relevant town streets and parks)
third, strengthen cultivation and build a new mode of foreign trade development
(11) build an online exhibition platform. Set 5 million yuan support to create "online cptpf". Strengthen cooperation with key business associations, promote advantageous industries such as electronic information, equipment manufacturing, textile and clothing, toys, food, etc., and rely on the existing mature offline exhibition resources, with the unified logo of "made in Dongguan, unify the image to build an online exhibition platform. Accelerate foster a number of online exhibition, to the original plan in Dongguan professional pavilion held but affected suspended held, adjustment for online exhibition and organization exhibitors reached 200 or more, 300,000 yuan to support, each additional 100 enterprises participated in the, give 50,000 yuan support, each project up to no more than 500,000 yuan. Support Enterprise use online exhibition expand market, to participate in municipal recorded in the Bureau of online exhibition, by participation fee of 50% support, each enterprise every time up to 10,000 yuan, year not more than 50,000 yuan. (Responsible units: municipal bureau of finance, municipal bureau of commerce, Municipal Council for the Promotion of International Trade, towns, streets and parks)
(12) comprehensively promote the construction of cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot area. Promote cross-border e-commerce retail imported goods and cross-border e-commerce retail export, cross-border e-commerce special region export, cross-border e-commerce export overseas warehouse goods return business, actively strive for cross-border e-commerce B2B export pilot. Year introduction of the new cross-border e-commerce leading enterprises, for eligible, to give a one-time highest 5 million yuan support. Support in our city registered enterprises to carry out cross-border e-commerce import business, for cross-border e-commerce import business volume reached 5 million single and above, and imported amount to 0.1 billion dollars and above, to customs storehouse for basis, according to 1.5 yuan/single standard reward, each enterprise highest award 10 million yuan, year City's Enterprise Reporting award amount over-budget to be prorated converted. (Responsible units: Municipal Finance Bureau, municipal bureau of commerce, customs in Dongguan, Dongguan office of China Xinbao, Binhai Bay New District Management Committee, relevant town streets and parks)
(Thirteen) build a key platform for expanding imports. Accelerate the official closing operation of Humen Port comprehensive protection zone. Explore the establishment of financial leasing companies in Humen Port comprehensive protection zone, make good use of the bonded policy in the comprehensive protection zone, expand the import of core equipment and large-scale industrial machinery equipment, and encourage production enterprises to purchase equipment through financial leasing and direct leasing, by financing 5% given one-year discount, Enterprise years discount amount up to 750,000 yuan and not more than enterprise actual interest. Apply for establishing and promoting the construction of designated regulatory sites for key imported commodities such as meat and fruit, and expand the import reserves of bulk commodities such as natural gas, grain and oil. Support expand agricultural produce and fresh food, consumer goods and other goods imported, on agricultural produce and fresh food, consumer goods and other goods imported Enterprise year imports with previous year incremental part given 2-% of support, each enterprise annual support no more than 2 million yuan. Support enterprises to set up exhibition and sales centers of imported commodities, and set up exhibition and sales centers of imported commodities in retail enterprises (shopping malls, supermarkets, specialty stores, etc.) of our city, municipal recorded in the bureau, according to rental of premises of 30% support, each enterprise annual support no more than 500,000 yuan. (Responsible units: Municipal Development and Reform Bureau, municipal finance bureau, Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, municipal bureau of commerce, municipal bureau of finance, customs in Dongguan, Binhai Bay New District Management Committee, relevant town streets and parks)
(XIV) cultivate live broadcast industry clusters. Build Dongguan product area, and provided 20 million yuan to support not less than 1000 home led 10000 Dongguan enterprise, "Baotuan" on-line major platform to open "Dongguan superior products pavilion" "Dongguan manufacturing area" and other characteristics column, each enterprise subsidies no more than 50,000 yuan. Accelerate live format development, and provided 5 million yuan to support Dongguan enterprise, live institutions and electronic business industry organization construction of sharing industry e-commerce live streaming base, for Dongguan products online live provide public service, each studio up to 5000 yuan, each shared industry e-commerce live streaming base year not more than 100,000 yuan. Support e-commerce industry organizations to cooperate with well-known domestic MCN institutions and live broadcast platforms to carry out live broadcast activities, and give financial rewards if they meet the prescribed conditions. Support foreign trade enterprises through online live the way to develop the domestic market, and provided 20 million yuan to support not less than 500 home led 5000 export-oriented enterprises, each enterprise cumulative Award of not more than 50,000 yuan. (Responsible units: Municipal Finance Bureau, Municipal Commerce Bureau, Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau)
(Fifteen) accelerate the construction of demonstration pilot projects. With Songshan Lake, Dalang, Hengli, Houjie, Chang'an and other town streets (parks) as the key points, towns jointly promote the construction of demonstration bases for transformation and upgrading of foreign trade. Make full use of our city's advantages of distribution and export of traditional commodities such as clothing, furniture, shoes, woolen and so on, and fully apply for exploring and carrying out market procurement trade pilot. Accelerate the declaration of second-hand car export pilot cities, and encourage qualified enterprises to upgrade and build according to the qualification requirements of second-hand car export enterprises. Actively strive for automobile parallel import pilot. Focus on the construction of comprehensive protection zone, promote enterprises in the zone to use two markets and two resources, accelerate the development of bonded storage, international transit, international procurement, international transit, processing and manufacturing, commodity display, inspection and maintenance, bonded R & D, cross-border e-commerce and other businesses. Actively apply for the establishment of Dongcheng bonded logistics center (type B) to promote its construction with Qingxi B Bao and Humen Port comprehensive protection zone to become a large bonded logistics platform covering the whole city and radiating to Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Dawan district. (Responsible units: Municipal Finance Bureau, municipal bureau of commerce, customs in Dongguan, Binhai Bay New District Management Committee, relevant town streets and parks)
IV. Promote transformation and promote foreign-invested enterprises to become bigger and stronger
(Sixteen) encourage high-quality foreign-invested enterprises to increase capital and expand production. Further innovate the thinking of foreign investment attraction, optimize the environment of investment attraction, and give corresponding inclination to foreign investment projects in terms of investment threshold, access mechanism, etc. Encourage foreign-funded projects that meet the application conditions to be included in the basket of "major projects of the city", and encourage large foreign-funded projects that meet the conditions to transfer the land use right in the way of "transferring with design scheme, accelerate the implementation of key foreign investment projects. Establish a "green channel" for the examination and approval of foreign investment projects, and accept the approval and record-keeping foreign investment projects that need to be started before the end of June, 2020. Accelerate the reform of online examination and approval supervision of investment projects, promote the "no-meeting examination and approval" of foreign-funded projects. If it is really necessary to submit paper materials, it is allowed to accept the defects, and submit the paper original after the epidemic is over. For 2020 nian New actual foreign capital of 5 million US dollars and above Enterprise, actual foreign amount per 1 million dollar reward 50,000 yuan standard, each enterprise up to 1.5 million yuan. For newly established or capital-increasing projects with foreign investment that meet the industrial development orientation, the town Street (Park) is encouraged to be rewarded on the basis of the municipal level according to its comprehensive contribution to the Economic Society of the jurisdiction. (Responsible units: Municipal Finance Bureau, municipal natural resources bureau, Municipal Commerce Bureau, municipal investment promotion bureau, municipal major offices, towns, streets and parks)
(17) support the innovative development of high-quality foreign-invested enterprises. Foreign-invested enterprises are encouraged to declare national high-tech enterprises, municipal gazelle enterprises and top innovative enterprises. To encourage foreign invested enterprises declaration into national high-tech SMEs cultivation library, and encourages its declaration municipal small and mid-sized enterprise technology innovation special, support research and development of new products, give up to 300,000 yuan of financial support. Encourage overseas headquarters of foreign-invested enterprises to set up research and development institutions in Dongguan. Relying on dongguan institute of technology, a group of technical talents with doctor's or senior professional titles are selected to enter foreign-invested enterprises every year to provide targeted guidance, consultation or training for the development of science and technology and industry for enterprises. (Responsible units: Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology, municipal bureau of finance, municipal bureau of commerce, Dongguan Institute of Technology, town streets and parks)
(Eighteen) support foreign-invested enterprises to carry out "three old Transformation". In accordance with the relevant policies and regulations of the "three old Transformation" (excluding land that has not been used since the new transfer of ownership), foreign-invested enterprises are encouraged to transform according to the policy of "self-transformation of the original land use right owner, and pay the land price and relevant taxes and fees according to the regulations; If the land use right is withdrawn by the government according to law by means of" bidding, auction and hanging ", the original land owner can be compensated according to the regulations, or compensation can be made by means of property return. High-standard factory buildings and industrial buildings constructed by foreign-invested enterprises which implement "industrial transformation" are allowed to be divided into spaces which can be used independently and have closed ownership boundaries according to the fixed boundaries of buildings, floors and other basic units, it is used to introduce industrial projects of relevant industrial chain partners. If the enterprises with foreign investment implement the "separation of main and auxiliary", transform the modern service industry, and meet the conditions in the overall urban planning area, they are allowed to change the nature of the project land after approval. For foreign-invested enterprises that meet the planning and safety requirements, do not change their uses, and carry out the plant building renovation and increase the floor area ratio of the developed construction land, no longer increase the land price, and according to the relevant policies of urban and rural industrial park transformation, give policy inclination. Implement the implementation plan of procedures for reissuing real estate rights for illegal buildings of historical industries and public facilities in Dongguan city, and accelerate the settlement of land legacy problems of enterprises in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao. (Responsible units: municipal bureau of finance, Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources, Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, municipal bureau of commerce, municipal re-office office, towns, streets and parks)
five, excellent service, implement the service guarantee of foreign trade enterprises
(19) comprehensively upgrade the warming enterprise action. Innovate the way of serving enterprises, timely convey the policies and measures of governments at all levels to support the development of enterprises through "online Policy Seminar" and other forms, send policies to the grassroots and enterprises, speed up the approval and disbursement of special funds, support enterprises to overcome difficulties. Extend the "warm enterprise action" to the overseas headquarters of multinational enterprises, and provide directional support of protection materials to the headquarters of key enterprise groups. For enterprises to develop headquarter economy and merger and reorganization, they will continue to give support when evaluating and selecting double enterprises. (Responsible units: Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, municipal bureau of commerce, municipal bureau of investment promotion, Dongguan office of China credit insurance, streets and parks of various towns)
(20) strengthen the guarantee of Enterprise Legal Service. Establish a comprehensive legal support platform for foreign-related enterprises, provide effective legal consulting services for foreign trade enterprises in a timely manner, and help enterprises properly deal with potential risks. Establish Enterprise classification management system, set up special contact service class for key foreign trade enterprises, and "one enterprise, one policy" helps key foreign trade enterprises to solve employment, financing and other needs. Regularly release early warning information of economic and trade frictions, strengthen the prevention of economic and trade risks and the response to trade frictions, and enhance the awareness and ability of enterprises to deal with economic and trade frictions. (Responsible units: Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Municipal Bureau of Justice, Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, municipal bureau of commerce, municipal bureau of finance, Municipal Bureau of Statistics, Municipal Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Dongguan Zhongzhi branch of People's Bank of China, Dongguan, china Xinbao Dongguan office, each town Street, Park)
this implementation opinion shall be implemented from the date of issuance and valid until the end of 2020. The implementation opinions shall be explained by the municipal bureau of commerce in conjunction with relevant units.