Analysis on Market Status and Development Trend of China's New Energy Vehicle Industry in 2020
2020-07-01 2

1. The implementation of the new policy is good new energy car industry development

in recent years, due to the influence of policy support and other factors, China's new energy automobile industry has developed rapidly. From 2014 to 2018, China's energy automobile production and sales increased year by year. In 2019, China new energy car yield decline, for 1.242 million, is 2018 nian dropped 2.20%. Cut-off to 2020 nian 1-5 yue, Chinese new energy vehicle production reached 295,000, cumulative decline 39.7%.


Note: the output growth rate in was 51.8%.

From the sales point of view, the new energy subsidies fall, 2019 nian second half new energy car sales showing a significantly downward trend, 2019 nian, China's new energy car sales for 1.206 million, is 2018 nian reduce 4.0%. The outbreak of the new Crown epidemic in 2020 led to a sharp decline in the sales volume of new energy vehicles in our country. In order to support the high-quality development of the new energy vehicle industry, do a good job in the promotion and application of new energy vehicles, and promote the consumption of new energy information the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Development and Reform Commission jointly issued the Notice on improving the financial subsidy policy for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles, further defined the next two for new energy automobile application fiscal subsidy policy of time and coverage, to convert the 2020 nian expire at the end of the new energy car purchase subsidy policy extend 2 years. At the same time, the intensity and rhythm of the subsidy retreat are also Gentle. In principle, the subsidy standards for 10%-20% are respectively 30%, and on the basis of the previous year.

Cut-off to 2020 nian 1-5 yue in new energy car sales reached 289,000 vehicles, down 38.7%.


2. Higher sales of pure electric passenger cars

in 2019, the new energy market experienced a huge decline in subsidies, and the strength of the product itself increasingly became the key to influencing consumers' decision-making. In terms of vehicle types, in 2019, BAIC's new energy EU series led the sales volume, and there is a big gap between it and the second place.


Judging from the sales structure of new energy vehicles in our country, the sales volume of pure electric passenger cars is the highest. In 2019, the proportion of pure electric passenger cars in the total sales volume of new energy vehicles in China was about 69.3%; The proportion of plug-in hybrid passenger cars and pure electric commercial vehicles was 18.8% and 11.4% respectively, the sales volume of plug-in hybrid power commercial vehicles accounts for 0.5%.


3. Analysis on the development trend of China's new energy automobile industry

in recent years, the new energy automobile industry is facing problems such as subsidy retreat, overcapacity, etc. From the perspective of policy, in the energy technology revolution and Innovation Action Plan (2016-2030), the state will hydrogen Energy and fuel cell technology innovation research is listed as one of the key tasks. From the perspective of development trend, in the future, China's pure electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles will jointly dominate China's new energy vehicle market.


For the above data and analysis, please refer to "prospective Industry Research Institute 《 china's new energy automobile industry strategic planning and Enterprise Strategic Consulting report"