Big Country Exhibition, Hit China Machine Exhibition Directly-CME China Machine Tool Exhibition Opening Day Grand Event Report!
2020-07-03 115


7 month 1-4 day

shanghai Hongqiao National Convention Center

2020 nian first 130,000 square meters Machine Tool Exhibition

hua ji fair-CME Chinese Machine Tool Exhibition grand opening

technological frontier, cutting-edge new collide with each other

150,000 manufacturing peer gathered

CALL for the full recovery of China's manufacturing industry!


     Represents global manufacturing state-of-the-art ultra-large-scale machine event, CME China Machine Tool finally today ushered in a new grand opening!

130,000 flat recovery exhibition, Top New and application parade

    suppress a half-year-old machine tool equipment procurement requirements in CME get concentrated outbreak, this CME obtained the domestic and foreign exhibitors consistent approval optimistic about. First day on-site Major Booth bustling, new products, new technologies emerging, common interpretation of a new machining equipment trading feast. On-site procurement hot! Attracted many manufacturing professional visitors procurement and discuss cooperation!

This, CME on-site exhibited a total of 1.1H, 2.1H, 3H, 4.1H, NH and other 5 large pavilion, a total of 130,000 square meters large exhibition scale, 1300 global exhibition brand, display machine tool new ultra-500/set, cover cutting machine tool, shaping machine tool, sheet metal laser, grinding tool, machine tool accessories, industrial robot and automatic all equipment industry chain.

In exhibition brand, represent the world's top high-precision machine tool equipment of industry leaders have joined, from the United States, Japan, Germany, South Korea, Switzerland, Sweden, Hong Kong, taiwan to various countries and areas.

International brand exhibitors are: Mitsubishi, Doosan, Hyundai Wia, citizen, Tsugami, Daishowa, Baoli, Okuma, brothers, Nakamura stay, Nagoya; Cutting machine tool exhibitors are: ying yuan, wei te, kind, Dejan, gold trade, Genesis, Taiwan da wei, star, Tidd, Effer M, Taiwan pasturage, China and Asia, Qing Hong, beautiful brook, Dimon (Beijing EDM), ba qi, Hatch, group, saiweisi, Nakatani; Sheet metal laser exhibitors are: Di CAN laser, Parkson laser, Qingyuan laser, jin wei ke laser, Dapeng laser, liang fa ji, Post spring; Grinding tools exhibitors are: Keyence, british official, aerothermodynamics, Seven Seas, fu lan di, oto bodycare man, Sepah Egypt crunch, Intertrust into, transit; Machine tool accessories exhibitors are: Silver, Tokugawa, constant; And smart factory exhibitors are: Brunswick special, zhong da li high foods de, Green harmonic, ban Rong automation, ztt zhi neng, tong you visual. Bringing together top equipment New, reading processing technology trends, CME are leading manufacturing new future!

Pomp reports! 60 mainstream authoritative media day mission

as 2020 first 130,000 square meters machine tool exhibition, this CME industry as Chinese manufacturing second half full restoration of iconic powers exhibition, carry out front, government and authorities leader visits on-site inspections.


CME carry out on-site also attracted more than 60 mainstream media enthusiastically reported, China manufacturing network, Jung industrial, business affairs of Chinese machine tool, CICA resources, China's machine tool Network, Mechanical Engineer magazine, international metal processing network, wisdom made world, international exhibition alliance, China Economic Net, China intelligent manufacturing network, China robot network, robot online and other industries authoritative media also CME China Machine Tool made concentrated reports.

In Shanghai municipal commission of commerce, public security and other relevant departments under the guidance of CME on-site implements various epidemic prevention measures to ensure professional visitors and buyers of health safety. Including full implementation of real-name system visits system, site preparation masks, disinfectants, hand sanitizer, quick-dry hand disinfectant, body temperature detection devices such as prevention materials, a person responsible for body temperature detection and verification with Shen code; setting temporary isolation points, equipped with health vehicle, responders emergency ensure safety.


Organizers hua ji Zhanqiang strong group capacity and on-site service has been insiders praise! This CME to majority of professional visitors and buyers can in hot summer better visiting the exhibition experience, CME in on-site allocated dedicated staff provide a series of thoughtful and meticulous services. In outside, for audience with free small fan, mineral water, sun umbrella, Huoxiangzhengqi water and other items; In the museum, set multiple seating areas for audience with free coffee, tea, snacks, pastries, fruit, let everyone always add strength, maintain optimal visiting the exhibition state.

7 month 1-4 day, exhibition Time: 8:30-17:30, Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention Center, CME lead Chinese manufacturing future complex exhibition debut hot staged, invite you visit witness!