Wan Zhuopei, Deputy Mayor of Dongguan, Went to Changan to Visit Enterprises and Inspect the Water Pollution Control Work of Changqing Canal
2020-07-07 23419

On the afternoon of June 30th, vice mayor Wan zhuopei went to Chang'an to promote "Double co-ordination" and implement the policy of benefiting enterprises in provinces and cities to visit and investigate enterprises, inspect the water pollution control situation of Changqing canal, and then held a symposium. He stressed that we should make full use of the preferential policies of provinces and cities, provide targeted and flexible enterprise services, go all out to promote the high-quality development of Chang'an economy, and help the city's economic development stabilize and improve. Ye Kongxin, the secretary of the town committee, attended the symposium, and Zhang Shaopei, the on-site command of the comprehensive renovation site of the Maozhou River basin in the city, participated in relevant activities.


To wartime mechanism do solid work

fully promote the economic development of Chang'an

at the symposium, Wan zhuopei pointed out that in the prevention and control of normalized epidemic situation, Chang'an should make full use of the advantages of its own industrial base and geographical location to further tap the potential of economic development and enhance the government service function, focus on strengthening the assistance of enterprises, work hard with the wartime mechanism, and go all out to promote the high-quality development of Chang'an economy.

Wan zhuopei said that Chang'an town should strengthen the continuous monitoring, summary analysis, research and judgment of the main indicators of industrial economy and the production and operation conditions of key industrial enterprises, and grasp the first-hand information in a timely manner, find problems in time and study effective countermeasures to solve them. At the same time, Chang'an town should pay close attention to industrial Dragon enterprises, key enterprises and potential enterprises, and strive to solve the problems of industrial investment, policy support, qualification certification, capital turnover, investment channels, customs declaration and filing, land flow and other issues. Make full use of the preferential policies of provinces and cities, be good at analysis, provide targeted and flexible enterprise services, boost the innovation and development of enterprises, and steadily promote the economic development of Chang'an. 

Ye Kongxin, the secretary of the town committee, pointed out that in the aspect of environmental remediation, Chang'an spared no effort to speed up the improvement of the project construction of the drainage pipe network system, continuously promote the diversion of rain and sewage, strengthen the comprehensive treatment of River Culvert, strengthen, deepen the industrial drainage pipe control and other work to ensure that the water quality of Maozhou river reaches the standard continuously and stably, providing a good environmental foundation for the economic development of Chang'an.

In terms of economic development, Chang'an strengthens the monitoring and dispatching of economic operation, further integrates resources and strengthens enterprise services, and goes all out to stabilize the overall situation of economic and social development.

It is understood that Chang'an town will focus on four aspects to promote steady economic development.

Do a good job in enterprise monitoring services. Pay special attention to the tracking service of leading enterprises, continue to do a good job in helping AB database enterprises with one enterprise, one policy, and focus on strengthening the push of preferential policies to help enterprises solve practical difficulties.

       Fully promote investment in industrial technological transformation. Highlight the "wartime mechanism", coordinate to promote various tasks of economic monitoring and dispatching including industrial investment indicators, and do a good job in promoting the investment of the investigated enterprises. Guide the project to count and put into storage as soon as possible according to the relevant provisions of industrial investment.

       Fully promote the construction of major projects. Promote BBK research and development production, Huamao smart terminal, Yu pupil optics under construction major project investment and construction, and strive to complete 1.47 billion yuan annual investment plan. We will continue to carry out the crucial activities of major projects, continuously accelerate the progress of procedures such as land planning adjustment and land approval, and create conditions for the accelerated landing of major industrial investment projects.

       Fully promote the development of double enterprises. Deepen the implementation of the service scheme of pilot enterprises in the doubling plan, assist in solving the problems existing in the prevention and control of epidemic situation, material procurement, Labor Employment, Social Security and other aspects of the doubling enterprises, and strive to promote the doubling enterprises to achieve greater growth, achieve the goal of double development.

Optimize the business environment

help enterprises to develop continuously and stably

in the afternoon of that day, Wan zhuopei visited Dongguan Weiyi Mould Technology Co., Ltd. and Xiangxin Technology Co., Ltd. successively to go deep into the production workshop of the enterprise to check the epidemic prevention and control and the resumption of production on the spot. Face-to-face communication with the person in charge of the enterprise, listening to the development demands of the enterprise, and having a detailed understanding of the production and operation, market development, scientific research and key problems as well as the implementation of policies benefiting enterprises under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control.

Wan zhuopei encourages enterprises to enhance their confidence in development, base on their own advantages, actively expand market channels, increase investment in research and development, strengthen technological research, and effectively enhance their core competitiveness, make greater contributions to promoting the high-quality economic development of Dongguan. He urged the relevant functional departments of the town to continue to strengthen the communication and contact with enterprises, to help enterprises solve problems by further improving the service efficiency, optimizing the business environment, implementing various provincial and municipal policies of benefiting enterprises and supporting enterprises, help enterprises achieve sustained, stable and healthy development.

Compaction responsibility

zero tolerance for illegal discharge of waste water

wan zhuopei also inspected Changqing canal to learn about the sewage interception pipe network, sewage outfall remediation, desilting, "scattered pollution" enterprise remediation, water replenishment, ecological restoration, etc. He demanded that the relevant departments of the city and town should adhere to the problem-oriented principle, do a good job in mapping the bottom, and do a good job in implementation; Further compact the responsibility, and adhere to zero tolerance for illegal discharge of waste water; we should promote the access work of sewage interception pipe network and "last meter" of urban sewage, do a good job in sewage interception of domestic water and industrial wastewater, establish a long-term mechanism, and strive to win the battle of pollution prevention and control.

It is known that Changqing canal starts from the junction of Dezheng Middle Road and Changqing north road, and finally Chang'an drainage station, with a total length of about 3.1 kilometers and a catchment area of about 3.21 square kilometers. At present, 42.8528 kilometers of sewage interception pipe network has been built according to the plan, and 133 sewage outfall outlets have all been renovated. The dredging work has been completed 18675.97 cubic meters as planned, with a completion rate of 100%. There are 280 "scattered and dirty" enterprises around Changqing Canal, all of which have been rectified.

Up to now, the pipe network of Sanzhou living water quality assurance project has completed 7.9173 kilometers in total, with a completion rate of 99%; Currently, the water quality is keeping stable and up to standard through measures such as ecological restoration and water replenishment. After preliminary investigation of the "last meter" access work of urban sewage, drainage households along the river have completed 1059 rain and sewage diversion buildings. Which factory class drainage completed rain sewage diversion 113 building, public architectural drainage completed rain sewage diversion 153 building, residential and residential area drainage completed rain sewage diversion of 793 building.

■ reporter/Cai Jiaming, Zeng Ruian

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