Company profile
type of enterprise: Toolmaking
Business years: 17year
Enterprise size: 101-200 People
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company address: Jingsi(1) rd., West Industrial Zone, Huangyan, Zhejiang
main products: automative interior and exterior parts like bumpers, dash boards, lamp molds, gas assisted moulds
business: Auto Lights moulds, Automobile Parts moulds, Electric Appliance moulds, Gas-Assisted-Injection-Molding, die and mould, washer mould, instrument panel mould, instrument mould, Injection Mould M2

Zhejiang Jindian Mold Co.,Ltd is specialized in automotive plastic parts for both interior molds and exterior molds,such as dashboard mould,bumper mould and auto light mould injection moulding.In addition,we supply tooling, checking fixtures and gas-assisted mold.The company is both a supplier of injection molds plus checking fixtures to the plastics industry and also is a Mould Manufacturer of injection molded parts. Our Company is Proud of its lSO9001-2000 certification and for export sales,we have been granted the right to be the exporter of record.For successful long-term development,we have concert rated on the skills,technical capabilities and managerial talents of our human resou rces.The program starts with careful recruiting of higher qualified and experienced team membe rs.and continues through the on-going,Company-supported training.We also invest heavily in software and equipment,such as 3-D advanced solid design software,FIDIA high-speed ming machines from Italy,Longmen CNC machinery centers and the Kronos 3-axis co-ordinate measu rinq machine,and we have a full line of versatile injection machines,spanning the range 80 to 650 tons.With every order we learn again that customers appreciate attention to quality, production efficiency and responsiveness to their requirements,and these lessons we take to heart. Currently,our overseas customers include COSCO in the US( We supply gas-assisted injection mold for them).Overview Ltd in England( We supply automobile mold for them),and Jin Tai in Taiwan( We supply bumper mold for them).Major domestic customers include TYC( We supply auto light mold for them),Depo( We supply auto light mold for them),the Good Baby Group( We supply gas-assisted injection moldfor them),TongYang ( We supply checking fixtures,bumper moldfor them),and the Wulin Division of Shanghai General Motors( We supply dashboard mold, bumper injection mold,Interior mold and exterior moldfor them). Welcome to Zhejiang JinDian Mold Co.,Ltd.We look forward to your visit and trust it will lead to a long-term business relationship for our mutual benefit Main Products and Services:Auto Light Mold,Automobile Mold, Bumper Mold,Gas-assisted Injection Molding,Auto Checking Fixtures etc.?????

Production capacity
Basic information
Factory Size 8000m² Annual Output Value US$5 Million - US$10 Million
Factory Address Jingsi(1) Road, West Industrial Zone, Huangyan,Zhejing,China No. of Production Lines Keep secret
Production Equipment
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Import and export capacity
Basic information
Last Year's Sales 5 Million - 10 Million无 Delivery Terms Keep secret
Lead Time Keep secret Payment Currency Keep secret
Export Percentage Keep secret Payment Terms Keep secret
Main Market
Asia 25%
North America 25%
South America 25%
Europe 25%