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1. New User Guide
What is 1.1 V1 industrial internet? (What is V1 Industrial Internet?)
guangdong Weiyi Industrial Internet Technology Co., Ltd. (V1 industrial internet) is an Internet platform enterprise focusing on the global vertical mold industry chain. Driven by technological innovation and service of mobile internet and artificial intelligence, reshape and transform the industrial chain and internal value chain of vertical mold industry; At the same time, make full use of information technology and internet platform to give full play to the optimization and integration role of Internet in the allocation of production factors, realize the deep integration of internet and global vertical mold industry chain industrial enterprises.
1.2 What is the difference between V1 industrial internet and Alibaba, Global Sources and made in China? (What's the difference between V1 Industrial Internet and Alibaba, Global Sources and Made-in-China)?
Alibaba, Global Sources and made in China are B2B e-commerce platforms, which gather information about various Chinese products and provide e-commerce services of Chinese products to the whole world, it aims to use the Internet to promote the trade of all walks of life around the world.
V1 industrial internet is a professional B2B platform focusing on the vertical industrial chain of moulds. It mainly involves injection mold, metal stamping, die casting, inspection tools, foreskin leather products, machinery, accessories and other industries related to mold. Currently, the company's business is distributed in more than 30 countries around the world. V1 industrial internet technology, as an intelligent platform for global mold industry chain enterprise services, has been adhering to the principle of "connecting global manufacturing, the core business philosophy of" make industry better ", constantly improve the enterprise's own Internet technology research and development capabilities and the global mold industry chain enterprises' resource integration capabilities, and strive to build S2B2B Industrial Internet innovation closed-loop mode, gather global mold industry chain enterprises to realize information display, brand promotion, mold research and development design, professional talent sharing, integrated procurement, platform transaction, supply chain finance and global after-sales service on the platform, build an intelligent ecological service platform.
1.3 What are the Advantages of V1 Industrial Internet?
V1 industrial internet is the first professional internet platform in the world to open up the upstream and downstream industrial chains of moulds. It provides professional trading platforms for suppliers and purchasers in the mould industry. If you are a member of V1 industrial internet, you can use V1 industrial internet:
1.3.1 find suitable customers/suppliers
1.3.2 online order transaction
1.3.3 overseas mold after-sales service
1.3.4 abroad participation service
1.4 How to become a member of V1 industrial internet?
1.4.1 click the login place at the top right of the platform to register for free and complete it according to the registration process.