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We provide a variety of mould services including. Prototype tool, multishot tool /2K mold and insert mold. Our customers mainly focus on automotive, electronics, home appliances, medical, household goods and other industries. We set up offices and overseas teams in the UK, Germany, Slovakia, Mexico and other European and American countries, and constantly meet or exceed customer expectations and requirements.

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Precision parts processing

V1 focuses on precision parts manufacturing and mold design and development, with more than 60 high-end processing equipment. Imported from Japan and Germany, serving global customers in precision connectors, consumer electronics, acoustics, optical communications, auto parts, medical, IC packaging, mobile cameras and other related industries, providing high-quality parts processing, mold design and development services.


Injection Mold & Molding

V1 is a professional customized manufacturer of injection molds and injection products, including automobiles, household appliances, and medical care. The company has an experienced professional team to create high-quality products for customers. In addition to technical force, the company has high-precision, large-scale production equipment. Mold production cycle is short, product quality is high, well received by international customers. The company has a perfect quality control system, has successfully passed the ISO 9001.2008;ISO/TS 16949 Quality Management System and ISO 13485 medical equipment quality management system.


Die Casting Mold & Molding

V1 provides aluminum and zinc die-casting molds and molding services. The characteristics of aluminum and zinc die castings include light weight, corrosion resistance, high tensile strength, dimensional stability, high thermal conductivity/conductivity and durability. Processing capabilities include CNC, manual, high-speed vertical, manual, milling, drilling, tapping, heat treatment, tungsten gas shielded welding (GTAW), lathe turning and assembly. Finishing capabilities include Electrocoating, anodizing, Alodine®Chemical film chromate conversion coating, chromium-free passivation, powder coating and electroless plating services. Production operations range from prototypes to short-term and mass production operations. The Industries served include electronics, automobiles, etc.


Stamping Die & Forming

V1 specializes in the research and development, production and sales of precision stamping dies and metal structural parts. It has advanced mold manufacturing technology and precision stamping, welding, sheet metal and other metal manufacturing technologies for automobiles, communications, customers such as electronics and office equipment provide integrated solutions for precision stamping dies and metal structural parts.


Blow molding

V1 focuses on blow molding molds, including auto parts molds, pallet molds, float molds, daily necessities molds, transportation facilities molds, chemical oil drum industrial molds, etc. We have a complete range of advanced processing equipment and machine tools to ensure the supply of high-quality, high-precision molds. Our main design team has more than 15 years of professional experience. Adopt the latest CAD/ CAE / CAM software to provide customers with accurate and professional design drawings. Our molds over 50% are exported to Europe, North America and Australia, and we are your good choice and reliable partner to guarantee the quality and reliability of injection molds.


Gauge & Checking Fixture

V1 is a company focusing on the design and manufacture of auto parts inspection tools, and is mainly engaged in various automotive sheet metal and plastic parts of the single inspection tool and assembly inspection tool. The company is equipped with more than 20 high-precision processing and testing equipment to provide a solid guarantee for production. Existing main customers are South China auto parts factories and mold factories and some foreign customers.


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We are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified, IATF 16949:2016 registered, and offer CoC, Material Certification, Finishing Certification, Inspection Reports and Hardware Certification.


Our precision applications are ideal for the automotive, medical, industrial, consumer electronics industries and more.


Our network has more than 5,000 suppliers which can give you the capabilities you need for prototyping and production

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