Global vertical mold industry chain internet platform

Covering suppliers, inquiries and purchasing information from 170+ industries and 150+countries/regions. providing custom manufacturing and toolmaking services to help you be of advantage to the global economy.

IATF 16949:2016
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015

Integrate global 100+ countries and regions supply&purchasing resources, quality suppliers, customer resources with efficiency and accuracy matching from the tooling industry.

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V1 industry mold industry chain platform can accurately connect global 200+ countries and regions purchasing&inquiries resources including full industries, compaines and 9 different sectors of mold and product. from mold design, mold manufacturing and logistics with efficiency and accuracy matching.
We will help you find high quality suppliers and potential customers in both import and export trade and domestic trade. V1 Mould Industry Internet platform displays enterprise information from multiple dimensions such as production capacity, research and development capacity, import and export capacity, after-sales service capacity, enterprise quality control and qualification results, and comprehensively evaluates suppliers.


Our network has more than 5,000 suppliers which can give you the capabilities you need for prototyping and production.




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Precision automotive mold, Home appliance mold, Medical mold professional manufacturers

We provide a variety of mould services including. Prototype tool, multishot tool /2K mold and insert mold. Our customers mainly focus on automotive, electronics, home appliances, medical, household goods and other industries.
We set up offices and overseas teams in the UK, Germany, Slovakia, Mexico and other European and American countries, and constantly meet or exceed customer expectations and requirements.
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Mold project management cloud platform

Reshaping project design collaboration helps enterprises better control projects

Focus on projects and collaboration

Focus on cooperation between enterprises and customers and control project schedule

Professional process, easy to use

Does not interfere in the production process, does not need to change equipment and new personnel

Change on demand, help development

Open required API, cooperate with ERP enterprises, better service enterprises,

Global industrial chain resource service support, driving the future of the industry has overseas representatives and branches in 26 countries and 118 regions all over the world. With its strong and comprehensive global resources, is committed to opening up the vertical industrial chain of the global mold industry and improving the world industrial level.