The Scale of Industrial Added Value Exceeds 3 Trillion Yuan. How Big Market Will the Industrial Internet Open?
2020-08-28 5

China Industrial Internet Research Institute recently released the white paper on industrial economy development of China's industrial Internet (2020), which estimates that the added value of China's industrial Internet industry will reach 3.41 trillion yuan in 2019 and is expected to reach 3.78 trillion yuan in 2020.

In recent years, the rapid development of China's industrial Internet has gradually become an important driving force to promote the high-quality development of economy and society. During the epidemic prevention and control period, with the help of real-time perception and data interaction, industrial Internet helps enterprises resume work and resume production, and upgrade industrial intelligence. With the acceleration of new infrastructure construction, industrial internet will expand a broader market space.

Entering the site depends on "Face brushing" and real-time online monitoring of dust on the site...... At the construction project site of Haidian district of Beijing Company of China Construction Third Bureau, the changes of science and technology to the construction industry are clearly visible.

Dang Jinzhong, the project manager, told the reporter that the project has applied the "intelligent construction site platform", which can master the number of subcontracted teams and personnel information in real time through technologies such as artificial intelligence and industrial internet, so as to realize project monitoring visualization, greatly improve the efficiency of construction management.

Taking advantage of digital technology, the service platform developed by Jiaxing Power Supply Company of State Grid sinks the power service to the grid. Based on the community, each grid is configured with a grid length and a grid member. Based on the data interconnection, you can accurately grasp fault information and provide door-to-door services in a timely manner to ensure reliable power supply.

"In the past, people liked to call me 'meter digger ', but now they call me 'grid long'." Shao Yiping, an employee of Jiaxing Power Supply Company of State Grid, said that the industrial internet has accelerated the digital transformation of power services and changed its working mode.

From construction, machinery to clothing and energy, industrial internet "empowers" various industries with obvious development effect.

China Industrial Internet Research Institute estimates that in, the added value of the primary industry, the secondary industry and the tertiary industry driven by industrial internet was 0.049 trillion yuan, 1.775 trillion yuan and 1.585 trillion yuan respectively.

Liu Duo, president of China Information and Communication Research Institute, believes that the enhanced penetration ability of the industrial internet industry has become an important support for economic development. As China accelerates the construction of new infrastructure, the integration and innovation application of industrial internet will expand to a wider range.

The rapid development of industrial internet is also facing many challenges. For example, the infrastructure construction is not perfect, the real-time and accuracy of data needs to be improved, and the supporting capabilities of software and hardware still need to be strengthened.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology proposed that in the next step, while accelerating the construction of the outside screen and the transformation of the internal network of the industrial internet, it would also guide industrial equipment enterprises to open the data interface and encourage platform enterprises and leading enterprises to open their digital capabilities to SMEs, promote the high-quality convergence of industrial data and help the digital upgrade of the industrial chain.