Entering Intelligent Manufacturing? -- Alibaba Released The Monster
2020-09-22 578

According to V1 industrial internet data center, Ali zoo just released a "Rhinoceros" last week. It is reported that this was a highly confidential project of Alibaba.

Some netizens commented, "I kept it secret for three years and thought it was a chip/AI or something like that. That's the result! It is nothing more than Taobao that the data of clothing is the best. I opened a factory to OEM for Taobao brands. I used to only take big orders, and now I can also take small orders."

on September 14, many media received a mysterious invitation letter with the text saying "Please note, September 16 alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing in the zoo, there are new animals. "The invitation is a plum animal footprint.

In the circle, all the media guessed hard. At present, Ali zoo has Tmall Mall, rookie Network, what search, Ant Financial, Fliggy travel, freshippo supermarket, Xianyu koala sea purchase. What will it be this time?

There is a speculation that Ali will acquire touniu, and the footprints on the invitation letter are like the cow's feet. Now the share price of touniu has fallen sharply and is facing delisting. Ali's tray is just right;

another guess is that Ali opened up the agricultural sector on the grounds that the stamp on the invitation letter is pig's feet. Moreover, since this year, Ali has been taking constant actions in agriculture and helped hundreds of millions of farmers sell agricultural products at the beginning of the year, recently, I signed an agreement with the Ministry of Agriculture and rural areas, allowing 2 million farmer cooperatives to access the Alibaba economy.

Alibaba revealed that the new business involves new manufacturing.

After three years of confidentiality, what is Xun Xi?

In April 2003, Ma Yun established a mysterious organization in Hangzhou. He asked ten employees to sign an agreement, which required them to leave Alibaba Group immediately to do a mysterious project. This project requires absolute confidentiality. Old Ma joked that "I can't even hear my wife in my sleep. If anyone reveals it, I will chase him. The ends of the Earth". The agreement was in English version. In such a hurry, most people had no time to understand it, but they left Alibaba out of their confidence in Jack Ma.

They went to a mysterious stronghold -- an undecorated house in hupanhuayuan community, whose owner was Jack Ma. When the group of people just entered, Ma Yun assigned them a task, that is, to make a one-to-one (C2C) commodity trading website in the shortest possible time.

It is said that it took only a month for Taobao to go online from secret development.

This time Ali claimed that xunxi was a secret for three years. As early as March 19, 2018, Alibaba once established Alibaba Xun Xi (Hangzhou) Digital Technology Co., Ltd., whose legal representative was Jiang Fan. The company's experience range includes technology development, technical services, and technical consulting, clothing, bag accessory, fabrics, machinery and equipment sales, etc.

According to V1 industrial internet data center, xunxi's registered capital is 30 million US dollars. Xun Xi platform is developed by Tmall Taobao system instead of Ali B2B. Thus it can be seen that new manufacturing corresponds to new retail, and under a system, the Alibaba Digital ecology integrating supply and marketing is determined to completely run through the entire industrial chain.

Jiang Fan said in his speech: "The RDC platform hopes to apply digital insight in the manufacturing process, realize real integration of production and marketing, and help small and medium-sized merchants solve a series of pain points in the production supply chain. We hope to be truly data-driven and connect consumer insight, industry insight and production links to achieve smarter production scheduling and flexible production."

according to Ali, the goal of new manufacturing is to have the ability to "produce 2,000 same products in 5 minutes to 2000 different products in 5 minutes.

The difference between "rhinoceros intelligent factory" and other traditional garment factories is that the core capability of special orders is "customized as needed, 100 pieces are ordered, and the fastest delivery is 7 days".

The traditional manufacturing industry is mass and mass production, with at least 5000 pieces ordered and delivered in one month. It is equivalent to the "futures" system. When new popular trends appear, it is difficult to respond quickly to the market.

It is said that rhinoceros factory has realized the currently very popular flexible manufacturing and X-ray diffraction networking, ODM through Taobao Tmall new sales, to determine whether to add orders, or adjust the style. So that brand merchants can respond to fashion in a timely manner and reduce risks.

Has xunxi opened the door to intelligent manufacturing?

If we define the symbol of the industrial revolution as Watt completed the improvement of the steam engine in 1790, human beings entered the Machine Age, followed by the use of mechanical power, to achieve mass customized production, today, the Industrial Revolution has passed 230 years.

As the Internet era arrives, the information flow becomes smoother, shared and unbounded, and intelligent customization becomes possible.

A typical example of mass production may be the legend of Ford T.

In 1908, Ford Motor Company produced the first car in the world that belonged to ordinary people -- Model T. In 1937, Ford Motor Company developed the first assembly line in the world again. This pioneering work made the total output of T-type vehicles reach 15 million within 20 years, creating an unprecedented world record.

Henry Ford's Model T

with the market saturation, Americans no longer like the monotonous Ford Model T. They hope Ford can launch a new model, even if it is just a color change. However, this request was refused by Henry Ford, "I don't care what kind of cars you like, I only produce Model T; Whatever color you like, my Ford only produces black."

with the continuous progress of human production, goods are ever-changing, but what can be done is still only to change large quantities into small batches. For example, for car customization, there can be various models and colors, differences within a certain scope, but there are still standardized configurations.

It is possible to customize for a group of people, but it cannot be realized and customized for everyone.

Just like Ali's xunxi factory, the minimum unit is to order 100 pieces of clothes. In addition, clothing manufacturing itself is an extremely traditional industry with little technical content and low entry threshold, in which there are relatively few variables, namely: style, colors, fabrics, prints, sizes and sizes are several dimensions, and these variables are combined in different ways.

So no wonder some netizens sighed with disappointment. It turned out to be a different clothing factory.

However, if we cross from clothing to automobile manufacturing or the more complex manufacturing industry, which involves an extremely large number of parts manufacturing links, if we want to realize diversification in these fields, personalized customization in front of a thousand people is estimated to be much more difficult.

In addition, up to today, clothing customization is actually no new thing.

According to V1 industrial internet data center, in 2014, China Europe International Business School made a special study and reported an intelligent manufacturing enterprise called red collar garment in Qingdao. In 2003, the red collar began to explore the personalized clothing customization system. The "red collar mode" uses new Internet technology by means of industrialization to realize an intelligent manufacturing system for mass customization of personalized products.

Under normal circumstances, buying clothes can only be selected according to SML standards.

As a garment enterprise, red collar clothing has launched a clothing revolution of personal customization through data-driven operation. In the sewing shop, workers work hard and brush the electronic tags on the clothes, then the computer will automatically jump out of the personalized order information, and each suit on the assembly line is customized according to the user's demand, the electronic label on the clothes includes all personalized and customized information. Here, there will be no more standard code SML, but will be customized according to each person's body shape and preference through the user's data multinomial 19 parts of human body plus 100 styles.

The core of individual demand-driven enterprise production is to open up all the data according to the business process.

From these two days Media according to the information revealed in the report, the current Xun has only changed from mass production to small batch production, from long-term to short-term, that's all.

Therefore, it is too early to say that xunxi has already entered the footsteps of intelligent manufacturing.

Why did it go to Jiang fan?

In July, 2018, Zeng Ming, an chief of the General Staff of Alibaba Group, said that in the next five years, S2b(Supply chain platform To business) was the most likely To be the leading business model.

"S" is a large supply (chain) platform that greatly improves the efficiency of the supply end. "B" refers to a small B (refers to a merchant) with a large platform corresponding to ten thousand grade, ten thousand grade or even higher grade.

S2b mode is the supply chain platform serving small and medium-sized enterprises. With the assistance of S to B, the efficient and more valuable supply to customers (C) will be realized finally.

The S2B2C model, coupled with the upstream factory, will form an efficient cycle for new commercial manufacturing:

from factory (M) to supply chain platform (S) to end retailer (B) to last customer (C). However, customers (C) feedback the needs of the upstream factory (M) according to their own needs, and M + S realizes personalized customized production.

As we all know, Jiang Fan is the president of Tmall and Taobao. In Ali's business system, Tmall and Taobao are quite a supply chain platform (S), with one end linking merchants (B) and the other end linking consumers (C). However, from the past to the present, Taobao and Tmall (S) have some deficiencies:

first, it only realizes the matching of information, but cannot provide products to merchants;

secondly, it knows most what consumers like, dislike, which sell well and which do not, but it cannot tell the merchants effectively or assist the merchants to make effective adjustment.

Therefore, when we have our own efficient and intelligent production platform, from M to S, to B, and then to the last C, a chain is opened, from production to sales, transactions can be more efficient and more humanized.

Jiang Fan

it is most appropriate to deliver this glittering garment production factory to Jiang Fan. Only he knows the market trend best, and only he can organize the merchants on the platform to make up their minds and provide production to the factory, the completion of the package of solutions has further realized Ali's lofty mission of to make it easy to do business anywhere.

M2S2B2C thinking is the ecological circle thinking of resource integration and common prosperity. This kind of Ecosphere can also be understood as a value net of closer and more efficient cooperation. Such value net can realize continuous innovation and germinate new supply relations.

In the Internet era, customer first, customer-driven becomes the starting point of the entire operation, is the slim of any enterprise, can not be customer-driven, such an enterprise in the future will not have room to survive.

The ultimate dream of intelligent manufacturing

from unmanned to AI, from industrial internet to big data analytics, from Xiaomi smart home baidu brain, from Tencent's electricity business dream and the super algorithm that byte dance in the payment dream, as well as the new manufacturing that is now the beginning of Ali, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent commerce, intelligent retail are almost every Internet enterprise.