Hot News-What Did the 2020 World Industrial Internet Industry Conference Bring?
2020-09-23 27

Industrial internet is not only an interconnected network, but a living ecology. Qingdao, the city's strength craft the world the capital of industrial internet, has presented a vigorous momentum of development, according to V1 Industrial Internet Reporter, the 2020 World Industrial Internet Industry Conference was held in Qingdao on September 20-21, launching an era picture of science, technology, philosophy and meeting of minds, centering on the "platform casting soul, the theme of" industry building foundation "brings together experts, scholars and entrepreneurs to talk about the future. A few days ago, although the conference was over, it was countless rich fruits. It can be said that this event has gathered more consensus, gathered more resource elements, and invited more "City Partners", on the island of youth and the City of entrepreneurship, we can discuss, build and share the development road of the industrial internet.

Set up the "strongest brain" and output top-level wisdom

the rapid development of industrial ecology must be led by top thoughts, especially the industrial internet.

This is a meeting of minds and a feast full of wisdom. Academic experts, business leaders and many industry leaders gathered here and formed the "strongest brain" of industrial internet, jointly promoted by the National Information Security Development Research Center, the "Chinese industrial Internet 100 people meeting" will be led by many academic leaders such as Li bacon, Chai Tianyou, Zhou Yunjie and Zhou Hongyi, assemble the domestic top resources in the fields such as strategic consulting, platform planning, industrial promotion, academic exchange, innovation and entrepreneurship, production and financial cooperation and so on, and overcome "industry problems" systematically and integrally ", output" China plan ".

Zhang Ruimin, Li bacon, Chai Tianyou, Zhou Hongyi, Kong Hanning and Boris Otto delivered a keynote speech in succession, sharing the top-level wisdom achievements. Zhang Ruimin takes the ink cartridge washing machine produced by Haier as an example to emphasize the importance of user experience and user needs; Li Bacon proposed that the Internet will trigger the change of business model, which may cultivate a new ecology, however, at the same time, it will also break some existing ecological balance. Zhou Hongyi said that in the future 360 group will plant the industrial internet security brain in Qingdao, bring technology to Qingdao and cultivate local talents.

This grand gathering of industrial internet has lighted up the most competitive new channel with wisdom.

Ecological co-construction, sharing and win-win

to create an industrial internet city, we must expand the city territory, plan development on a larger coordinate system, and aggregate resources in a broader space.

V1 Network Reporter reported that at this conference, the Shanghai, Shenzhen and the third world markets released a joint declaration on ecological co-construction. Shanghai, Shenzhen and Qingdao, which have good manufacturing developing base, jointly launched the ecological co-construction of the three cities' industrial internet, it will change from the FORTHGOER of the domestic reform and opening up to the Pathfinder of the industrial internet, seize the major historical opportunity of the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform, and take the lead in realizing resource sharing, scene cooperation and ecological integration, work together to build a new mode of industrial internet integration in the whole ecology and all fields.

Jiaodong economic circle is the place with the most development vitality in the province, and it is also the leader in the development of the provincial economy. In order to promote the industrial industry development of the whole province, the five cities of Jiaodong are responsible for be charged with important tasks. The Jiaodong five-city industry alliance jointly signed the initial written proposal, seized development opportunities, and jointly built an exchange and cooperation platform for the ecological integration of the industrial internet industry in the five cities in the peninsula, contributing to the development of the industrial internet in the Jiaodong economic circle.

It can be seen that under the trendy of industrial internet, cities are no longer fighting alone, but ecological symbiosis and win-win.

Media helps make the industrial internet sound stronger

the establishment of the industrial internet capital can't be achieved without the construction of development environment and entrepreneurial atmosphere. Only by optimizing the environment with ecological thinking can the "four chains in one" of industrial chain, capital chain, talent chain and technology chain be accelerated ", gather more elements of development to form the industrial internet" tropical rainforest "with towering" trees "," shrubs "thriving and" vegetation "lush, and build a" 4+1 "development ecology.

As a city, the public opinion environment is also the development environment. The industrial internet empowers the industrial development and urgently needs the mainstream media to come forward bravely and have a strong "voice fire", build a tropical rainforest public opinion ecology for the development of industrial internet.

Sponsored by the organizing committee of the world industrial internet industry conference, the media-assisted industrial Internet Capital Construction Forum hosted by "wind finance" will be held on the afternoon of the 20th, more than 30 mainstream media leaders from all over the country gathered in Qingdao to have an in-depth exchange on the theme of "integration of production and media, gathering together and win-win", build consensus, stimulate creativity, and jointly release initial written proposal, help to build the world's industrial Internet Capital and draw a new picture of high-quality development.

The initial written proposal points out that there is no existing experience to follow, let alone mature model to learn from the development of industrial internet. "FORTHGOER" represented by Qingdao is like entering "depopulated zone", whose every step of exploration, they are all News "Rich Mines". The mainstream media will dig deep into the pioneers, leading enterprises, advanced modes and urban experiences that have emerged in various regions in the process of promoting industrial Internet construction, continuously increase the strength of the report on the dissemination of industrial internet-empowered businesses, and further thoroughly implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important expositions and instructions on media integration and development, and firmly establish the concept of communication integration, strengthen innovation cooperation, enrich the way of presentation, and use multi-level, multi-angle matrix communication to tell the story that the industrial internet has helped the development of high quality more comprehensive, vivid and wonderful.

The media is not only the recorder of the industrial internet development, but also the participant. The media should give full play to its role as a bridge. Through diversified measures such as news reporting, media management, and think tank exchanges, it should open up the demand and supply between various parties to promote the flow configuration of talents, capital, industry, and technology, interactive coupling, help industrial internet and the real economy in a wider, deeper and higher level of integration development.

Major project aggregation, innovation platform empowerment

the World Industrial Internet Industry Conference is becoming a mobilization order to accelerate the industrial internet construction in Qingdao. It is also an excellent "window" for Qingdao to show its city style and strength, attract venture capital and attract investment ".

The landing of a number of major industrial Internet projects, the appeal of the industrial internet Capital is increasing, and the industrial internet industrial projects are accelerating to gather. On the main forum, twelve representative industrial internet cooperation projects such as the International root node project of industrial internet identification analysis system that provides identification analysis services for the world and the international leading Tianqi satellite Internet of Things industry project have been signed together. The forums of Jiaozhou, Pingdu, Laixi and other districts and cities have also facilitated the landing of many projects.

Released a number of industrial enabling scenarios, following traffic and data, scenarios play a decisive role. Parallel forums and district and city forums held scene releases one after another. At the docking meeting of Qingdao's first batch of "industrial empowerment" scene list, representatives of 28 enterprises successfully signed contracts on empowerment cooperation, at the same time, the second batch of 500 "industry empowerment" scenes were released to the society. Chengyang sub-forum held a sunshine release conference and released 300 scenes.

A number of important industrial internet innovation platforms have been launched, the national industrial internet platform application innovation experience center has been officially opened, a new financial model for industrial internet scenarios has been released, and the "kaosqing enjoy cloud platform" has been launched. As the global production and consuming experience cloud exhibition platform led by Kaos, the "Qingxiang cloud platform" will be based in Qingdao, radiating to five markets in the peninsula, all-round integrated ecosphere such as data has become an important support to support the development of industrial internet integration and national industrial internet integration development demonstration zone in jiaopenell.

Meeting of minds again and again, smart feasts opened a door to discuss, build and share, not only lighting a way forward for the development of Qingdao industrial internet, the "Qingdao voice" and "China plan" have also been output in a wider range ". Nowadays, taking advantage of the East Wind, with the momentum of 2020 World Industrial Internet industry conference, there are top-level design and suggestions, policy release and decision-making reference, as well as a strong platform to build, with resource aggregation and industrial empowerment, the dream of industrial internet development has come true step by step in Qingdao, a hot land with unlimited vitality and vitality.