Analysis on the Development Direction and Future Trend of Hardware Mold Industry in Chang'an Town, Dongguan
2020-11-03 8212

In 2019, the domestic output value of mold industry was about 300 billion yuan. In fact, this industry, which is not well known by the public, develops grandly in Chang'an town, Dongguan city, and Chang'an has also become a world-famous Mold Town.

V1 industrial internet data shows that in 2018, Chang'an town has more than 1500 hardware mold manufacturing enterprises, more than 6800 individual industrial and commercial households, and gathered 200-300 automobile hardware mould manufacturing enterprises, the output value of hardware mold of enterprises above the scale reaches 26.6 billion yuan, becoming an important distribution base of hardware mold production and sales in China, and having great influence in the mold industry of the whole province and even the whole country.

The relevant person in charge of Chang'an town said that the town would comprehensively plan the hardware mold industry chain, clarify the development direction of intelligent manufacturing industry, and promote the integrated development of big data, Internet, cloud computing and manufacturing industry, promote the upgrading of traditional industry technology with information technology and create a new highland for intelligent manufacturing.

The development process▶▶From small workshops to characteristic industrial clusters

today's achievements in the development of Dongguan mold industry are not achieved overnight. It starts from the processing link. In the 1980 s and 1990 s, a large number of Hong Kong and Taiwan enterprises engaged in "three to one supplement" entered Dongguan. The presence of these enterprises brought technological and market demands to mold production. In this industrial transfer of Chang'an town, the mold industry has gradually developed and expanded.

Since the 1990 s, Chang'an town has rapidly realized rural industrialization, industrial modernization and economic internationalization with processing trade as the breakthrough point and export-oriented economy as the leading factor. With the development and transformation of economy and society, relying on the solid manufacturing foundation, mold industry has developed rapidly. Chang'an town has gradually become a global advanced professional industrial town of hardware mold gathering, covering IT, machinery, tens of thousands of enterprises such as metal manufacturing and automobile occupy an important position in the mold industry chain of the whole province and even the whole country.

"At that time, almost every enterprise needed moulds in the process of making and producing, so every factory had a moulding department to manufacture moulds for toys, plastics, hardware and other products, technicians from Hong Kong or Taiwan become masters, and migrant workers who come to Taiwan learn from these technicians to master relevant technologies." Zhao Chun, the head of Chang'an Lego precision tools Co., Ltd., recalled the development history of the local mold industry and said that after many apprentices mastered the technology in those years, they gradually subcontracted part of the mold manufacturing business, starting from small workshops of several people, with the continuous expansion of demand, the enterprise develops better and better, and gradually becomes the main force of the development of Dongguan mold industry.

Since 2003, Chang'an mold industry began to enter the fast lane of specialized centralized operation, and the collectivized professional trading market platform represented by Changrong International Machinery and hardware Plaza emerged, form a complete mold manufacturing system with coordinated development of various industrial links from mold design to production to end treatment, and Guangdong (Chang'an), which is normally held machinery hardware mold trade fair has become an important vane for domestic attention to the latest development trend of the industry.

V1 according to the person in charge of industrial internet, there are many hardware mold enterprises in Chang'an, with solid industrial foundation, developed professional market, complete upstream and downstream supporting products, and obvious industrial advantages, it has become an important hardware mold production and sales distribution base in China.

In July, 2011, Chang'an town was identified as the mold industry base of the National Torch Plan; In November, 2013, Chang'an town was approved to establish a demonstration zone of famous brands in the National Hardware mold industry; In January, 2014, chang'an town was awarded the "singles champion" of Dongguan hardware mold industry; In February, 2014, Chang'an hardware machinery mold base was awarded the second batch of professional demonstration base of foreign trade transformation and upgrading in Guangdong province...... There are still many such honors, and these honors are the solid footprints of the growth of Chang'an mold industry.

Growth bottlenecks▶▶There are not many large leading enterprises and it is difficult to undertake high-end orders

according to V1 industrial internet platform data, in 2018, the output value of hardware molds above scale in Chang'an town reached 26.6 billion yuan, up 13.4% year on year. Currently, there are more than 1500 hardware mold manufacturing enterprises, more than 6800 individual industrial and commercial households, and 200-300 automobile hardware mould manufacturing enterprises are gathered. It has 6 professional hardware mold markets, with a total area of more than 500,000 square meters and an annual turnover of more than 15 billion yuan. Switzerland GF Archie Charmilles, Germany DMG, Japan Makino, Mitsubishi Electric, shanghai Special strategy and other domestic and foreign mold brands have set up product display and sales centers in Chang'an.

Among the 347 High-tech enterprises in the whole town, 171 are engaged in advanced manufacturing and automation industries such as hardware and mould, accounting for 49.3%, with Jinsheng, Jierong, Xiangxin, Qian da, qili and other leading hardware mold enterprises have such advanced industrial internet platforms as Guangdong Weiyi industrial internet technology, among which Jinsheng and Jierong are listed enterprises in gem and small and medium-sized board respectively.

At the same time, Chang'an has a perfect industrial service platform. Chang'an town invested nearly 0.1 billion yuan to build the national mold product quality supervision and inspection center, which is the only national hardware mold product inspection center in south China. This center has become the product quality supervision and inspection of hardware mold enterprises, the public service platform of technology research and development innovation will further promote the upgrading and development of Mold Industry in Chang'an town. It has industrial research platforms such as South China base of national rail transit engineering center, advanced manufacturing college of Dongguan Institute of Technology, and national key secondary vocational school-Dongguan mechanical and electrical engineering school.

R & D investment needs to be increased, and technical strength needs to be enhanced." The relevant person in charge of Chang'an town Bureau of Industry and Information Technology said that although Chang'an hardware mold industry has formed a agglomeration scale, most of them are mainly privately-owned small and medium-sized business, and there are not many large leading enterprises. The products are mainly plastic molds, hardware accessories, furniture Components are mainly used, with serious homogenization, and the industrial level is still at the low end.

The person in charge said that Chang'an is the first choice to undertake the transfer of Shenzhen mold hardware manufacturing enterprises. With the continuous growth of mold hardware industry in Chang'an town, the restriction effect of insufficient land resources on the development of enterprises is becoming more and more obvious, the contradiction between the increasing demand for land and the increasingly tight supply of land begins to upgrade. In the new era, the development and utilization of land resources in Chang'an town is facing the double-restriction of incremental hard constraints and difficult to leverage the stock.

He said frankly that although the market is growing rapidly, there are not many large mature manufacturers or parks in the industry, and many high-end and large orders cannot be met. The shortage of factory buildings also leads to the increase of factory rents and the increase of Enterprise rental costs, which makes many mold enterprises move to other places.

In addition, the rising labor cost is also weakening the industrial competitiveness. According to the survey data, in recent years, the labor cost of machinery and hardware mold enterprises in Chang'an town has increased by nearly 13% year-on-year. At the same time, the problem of labor loss is prominent, and the demand for high-end talents is urgent. At present, Chang'an town's machinery and hardware mold industry mainly relies on foreign labor force. However, with the increase of salary level and the improvement of living environment in the mainland, the attraction of Chang'an town's mold industry to talents continues to weaken.

Industry breakthrough▶▶Promote collaborative innovation of government, industry, research and research to create a new highland of intelligent manufacturing

as the mother of industry, the development degree of mould is directly related to the overall development level of manufacturing industry. Solve the problems of mold industry, or open up the upgrading path of Chinese manufacturing. In recent years, Chang'an town, a famous town specialized in domestic hardware mold, has also been explored for the proposition of upgrading the mold industry.

The relevant person in charge of Chang'an town said that in recent years, the mold industry of Chang'an town has adhered to the leading of high precision and focus on building a professional technology platform for molds, so as to promote the transformation of Chang'an mold industry from decentralized operation to centralized operation.

From the perspective of product type, mold products of Chang'an mainly focus on plastic mold and stamping mold, such as small mold for producing mobile phone shell, MP3 shell, electronic toy shell, etc. In recent years, with the growth of China's automobile industry, a considerable number of enterprises in Chang'an have turned to develop large moulds such as automobile moulds, which have developed rapidly.

In the aspect of enterprise transformation and development, aiming at the small and scattered problem of Chang'an mold enterprises, Chang'an town has also explored a mode to adapt to its own enterprise development, among which Guangdong Longkai Co., Ltd. is a typical example. The company takes the initiative to transform, gets rid of the dependence of traditional manufacturing industry through asset-light operation mode, and makes use of existing resources to build a mold enterprise operation platform. This kind of operation not only makes the operation of the company turn to safety, but also realizes the integration and incubation of hundreds of small and medium-sized micro enterprises, creates the legend in the industry, and becomes the epitome of the innovation and development of mould enterprises in Chang'an town.

Weiyi industrial internet platform reported that Chang'an town also took some actions in the aspect of collaborative innovation of government, industry, research and research. Ye Hai, a temporary doctor of Dongguan Institute of Technology and an assistant to the mayor of Chang'an town, said that the advanced manufacturing College (Chang'an) jointly established by the school and Chang'an town was only in 2018, we have signed cooperation agreements on scientific and technological services with 52 local intelligent manufacturing high-quality enterprises, and have cooperated in key technological research, strategic layout of intellectual property rights, co-construction of joint research and development technology centers, etc. This year, the college will also build an international achievement transformation center of Chang'an University, introduce the achievements of international scientific research institutions such as fraunhoff applied research Promotion Association of Germany, online scientists and Hong Kong Productivity Promotion Center and implement them into enterprises, helping Chang'an innovate and develop.

"The low-end manufacturing industry is difficult to sustain, and only the development of transformation industry can have a way out." The relevant person in charge of chang'an town said that relying on the cutting-edge technology of moulds developed through collaborative innovation and the precision production benchmark created by specialized production, chang'an mould industry is reconstructing an ecological circle with more global competitiveness, create a new highland for intelligent manufacturing.