The 6 Th Guangdong International Robot and Intelligent Equipment Expo Was Held in Dongguan
2020-12-04 5928

12 month2 on the morning of the day, the 6th Guangdong International robot and intelligent equipment expo( hereinafter referred to as "Zhibo Club") opening in Dongguan, according to introduction, the exhibition area of this year's Zhibo conference3 ten thousand square meters, exhibitors300 many, will continue12 month4 the end of the day.


According to V1 the industrial Internet contacted the organizer to introduce that the theme of this year's Smart Expo is "customize your smart factory", which will focus on the field of advanced manufacturing, deeply serve robots and intelligent manufacturing enterprises, set up robot technology and application exhibition areas, industrial Automation and solutions exhibition area, intelligent logistics exhibition area, industrial Internet and Application Exhibition Area and other four major professional exhibition areas.

This year's fair also has intelligent manufacturing and industrial internet, industrial design,5G experience points, investment in Dongguan and industrial park promotion and other exhibition activities, focusing on the achievements of Dongguan in promoting industrial digitalization and intelligent upgrading, developing industrial internet, industrial design, and planning high-quality construction of the industrial park.

It is reported that during this year's Zhibo conference, it will also be held.2020 china Intelligent Manufacturing Development Forum, enterprise high quality growth salon,2020 DiD Award(Cup) international industrial design competition design ceremony, bank-enterprise inclusive financial public welfare docking meeting,2020 bay Area blockchain technology development forum, etc.10 high-standard theme activities, industrial forums and seminars, as well as intelligent manufacturing and industrial internet, industrial design,5G experience points, investment in Dongguan and industrial park promotion, etc.4 The event is expected to attract more5 tens of thousands of professional audiences are admitted to visit and purchase.

Yao Dehong, the first-class inspector of Guangdong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, said at the opening ceremony that Dongguan has always had the "world factory" is well known. In recent years, it has made every effort to build an advanced manufacturing center in the Bay area of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao, and promote the implementation of measures such as "machine substitution" and "automatic and intelligent transformation, it has laid a solid foundation for the transformation from" world factory "to" manufacturing city.

Dongguan has held Guangdong International robot and intelligent equipment expo for six consecutive times to build an intelligent equipment and its robot display and communication platform, which has positive significance and important role in promoting the high-quality development of manufacturing industry. He said that this year's Zhibo will focus on advanced manufacturing industry and bring together leading domestic and foreign industry enterprises to show on the same stage, which is a good opportunity to promote the exchange and cooperation of intelligent manufacturing. It is necessary to make full use of the Zhibo platform and strengthen docking, promote cooperation.

V1 industrial interconnection Research Institute data display: in recent years, Dongguan has continuously improved the intelligent manufacturing policy system and carried out in depth."Machine replacement" special action, vigorously support the development of intelligent equipment industry, continuously carry out the whole process diagnosis of intelligent manufacturing, take the lead in implementing robot intelligent manufacturing application demonstration in key industries, key areas and key links, drive enterprises to upgrade and develop intelligent manufacturing.

According to the data released by Dongguan Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, in the past five years, Dongguan City has successively 4 enterprise projects create national intelligent manufacturing demonstration projects,10 create provincial demonstration for home enterprise projects,12 create municipal demonstration for home enterprise projects. Led by the national, provincial and municipal intelligent factory projects and led by the "intelligent manufacturing" policy,3000 several units have carried out automation and intelligent transformation. The average product qualification rate of the project implementation unit is from87.21% to the next91.36% the cost per unit fell by an average9.27%, the average increase in labor productivity2.48 times.2019 in the year, the city's advanced equipment manufacturing industry above the scale achieved added value508.65100 million yuan, of which intelligent manufacturing equipment realizes added value133.74 one hundred million yuan, accounting26.3% year-on-year growth10.4%.

Xiao Yafei, mayor of Dongguan city, also said that in recent years, Dongguan aims to build an advanced manufacturing center in the Bay area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, and regards intelligent manufacturing as the main direction to promote the high-quality development of the industry. On the one hand, relying on the huge demand for intelligent transformation, vigorously carry out"Machine substitution", promoting the city's proximity 4000 implement automation and intelligent transformation for various projects, and add new equipment11.2 ten thousand sets, complete the investment500 the multi-billion dollar. On the other hand, relying on perfect industrial supporting facilities, we will accelerate the building of advanced equipment manufacturing industrial clusters. In this process, as an important platform for industrial achievement display, technology exchange and project docking, Zhibo has played an important role in supporting and promoting.

He said that this year's Zhibo will the theme of "customize your smart factory" has expanded its effectiveness for the first time with the national entrepreneur activity day, further improving the brand scale, specialization and market influence, it will surely inject new impetus into Dongguan and even the whole province to improve the ecological chain of intelligent manufacturing and accelerate the development of intelligent equipment industry.

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