On Chih-Wen Huang, Secretary of Suxian District Committee of Chenzhou City Led a Team to Dongguan Chang'an to Carry out Investment Inspection Activities
2021-11-08 274

On the afternoon of September 29, 2021, secretary of Suxian District Committee, Chenzhou city, Hunan province, led the team to the national mold Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of Chang'an town, Dongguan city on Chih-Wen Huang, and received Su Zhihui, president of Dongguan hardware machinery Mold Industry Association, the warm reception of Fan Xiaowei, chairman of Guangdong Weiyi Industrial Internet Technology Co., Ltd. Secretary Huang yes V1 industrial internet the model is highly recognized, and the approval platform is the bridge and link connecting the overseas Mold market. 

On Chih-Wen Huang, the secretary and his party inspected Dongguan Weiyi Mould Technology Co., Ltd. And exchanged sympathy with the front-line fitter of the factory. Then they went to Dongguan industrial intelligent manufacturing exhibition hall and held a discussion and exchange, the two sides had extensive exchanges on the work of accelerating transformation and upgrading of mould enterprises in Chang'an town, expanding the scale of enterprises, and attracting investment from factories in Suxian district. Both sides agreed that the pace of cooperation should be accelerated, jointly create a new situation of cooperation between the two places.

Secretary Huang also introduced the local good business environment in Suxian district. Discussion and exchange fan Dong of Zhongguang Dongwei-1 industrial internet also introduced to the secretary the current market share of mold industry and the market situation of local mold enterprises. The president of the model Association Su also expressed his high cooperation with Chang'an mold enterprise in setting up branch factories in Suxian district, hoping that the association can do a good job in supporting and serving the government and enterprises.


Xiao-Dong Huang, director of the Standing Committee of the People's Congress of Su Xian district, director of the Standing Committee of the district committee, Xie Dongbin, member of the Standing Committee of the district committee, Li Fuchun, deputy district director of the district government, Xiao Shengnan, director of the district commerce bureau, Lei Dan, Tan Yonghua, district ecological environment branch, cao Hongbo, secretary of the Party working committee of the Industrial Development Zone, Luo Junjie, director of the investment promotion center, accompanied the inspection.