Wan Zhuopei, Former Deputy Mayor of Dongguan City, Inspected the Digital Transformation of V1 Industrial Internet Platform
2021-11-25 581

On the morning of November 17, Wan zhuopei, the former deputy mayor of Dongguan city, accompanied by Zhang Yucheng, deputy director of Dongguan Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Zhang zhuofeng, director of letter promotion department of Dongguan Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, and Cai canming, director of economic development bureau of Chang'an town, visit Weiyi industrial internet again for inspection and guidance.

(Former deputy mayor of Dongguan-Wan zhuopei)
(Deputy director of Dongguan Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology-Zhang Yucheng)
(Director of letter pushing department of Dongguan Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology-Zhang zhuofeng)
(Director of Chang'an Economic Development Bureau-Cai canming)

in this exchange meeting on digital economic development of Mold Industry, Comrade Wan zhuopei listened carefully to Mr. Fan Xiaowei, chairman of Weiyi industrial internet, who reported on the recent development and future planning of the company's platform.

This paper discusses how mold enterprises can use the digital platform to better promote the development of enterprises and the digital development of the industry.

(Chairman of Weiyi industrial internet-Fan Xiaowei)
(Senior vice president of Weiyi industrial internet-Mo canwei)
(Wei Yi Industrial Internet executive director-Xiao He)

at the meeting, facing the pain points and difficulties of enterprises in overseas markets, Xiao He, executive director of Weiyi industrial internet, proposed three abilities of "point, line and face"-improving the ability of professionals, strengthen overseas layout and accelerate the development of global supply chain, and improve the attractiveness and competitiveness of enterprises in overseas markets.

Comrade Wan zhuopei analyzed the pain points and difficulties of the development of the enterprise platform, encouraged Weiyi Industrial Internet Plus-sized overseas Mold market, accelerate the access to overseas markets, and improve the value-added service capability of the enterprise, turn static operation mode into dynamic and realizable operation mode.

At the same time, it also pointed out that "digital economy should promote digital transformation as guidance". We will comprehensively promote industrial digitalization, aim at digitalization, networking and intelligence, and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. Promote the integration and development of manufacturing industry and modern service industry, deepen business connection, chain extension and technology penetration, promote the integration and coupling of the two industries, develop service-oriented manufacturing, and promote the development of producer services such as industrial design.

At the end of the exchange meeting, Comrade Wan zhuopei proposed Wei Yi industrial internet to speed up the expansion progress of overseas layout, based on "building capacity", first and then break, based on the market.