2021 nian American Western Machine Tool Exhibition WESTEC
2020-07-03 6

A, Show Description

american Los Angeles International Machine Tool Industry Exhibition (WESTEC) is an international large-scale machine tool industry exhibition co-sponsored by American Association of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and American Machinery Manufacturing Technology Association (AMT), it is one of the most famous and authoritative machine tool exhibitions in North America. Los Angeles International Machine Tool Industry Exhibition was founded in 1964 and held regularly in western cities of the United States every two years. It has a history of 55 years since it was first established, attracting nearly 1,000 machine tool enterprises to participate every year. WESTEC Western machinery exhibition in the United States is the most influential machine tool industry exhibition event in North America and an important communication and cooperation platform in the field of machine tool industry.


Two, exhibition overview

name (English):WESTEC

exhibition date: 2021 nian 09 yue 21 ri-2021 nian 09 yue 23 ri


address: 300 East Ocean Boulevard , Long Beach, California,USA

exhibition period: one year term

organizer: Society of Manufacturing Engineers

organization: Beijing collar International Exhibition Co., Ltd

industry attributes: metal processing welding process


machine tool accessories and spare parts and equipment: material handling equipment, control motor, power transmission equipment, hydraulic pneumatic, components, lubricant and test equipment; Welding equipment, heat treatment equipment; Abrasives, mold processing equipment, testing equipment, rapid prototyping equipment, injection machine, mold polishing equipment, welding and cutting equipment, mold standard parts; Wire cable, instrumentation, machine tool appliance. Precision manufacturing equipment and tools, casting, forging and.

Metal cutting machine: lathe, lathe, drilling machine, boring machine, milling machine, grinder, sawing machine, slotting machine, Planer, gear processing machine, bending machine, shearing machine, pressure machine, gas cutting machine, water jet cutting machine, laser cutting machine, high-pressure water cutting, electric machine tool and machining center and other processing equipment.

Metal processing tools: various types of metal processing tools, measuring and cutting tools, fixture, fixture, assembly tools, cutting tools and.

Control System and CAD/CAM: CNC system, automation equipment, industrial robots, computer aided production, design and software.

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